More than one project at a time?

Do any of you have more than one project at a time going? I find myself thinking of the next hat or scarf, (or sweater that I’m working up to trying) and I start it in a different yarn or color to see how I will like it, even before finishing the project I started first.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Ahem! Sorry! I never, ever, ever had one project on the needles at one time. Currently, I have, let’s see, 3 that are ‘active’–they get work done on them every week. I have one sweater that’s waiting until I get back to it (it’s a Christmas gift, so I have time), and afghan about 1/3 done and one hundred gazillion billion katrillion projects waiting. And I have the yarn for most of them!

The only reason I don’t have more on the needles is that I just eliminated 3 sweaters that I knew I wasn’t going to finish/fix.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez Lu Eeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :shock:

Now I don’t feel bad after all! I just thought it was me being impatient with my own knitting, but it’s really not that. I just can’t wait! I think I will keep to just two projects though, otherwise I’d never get one finished.

There are even treads around here referring to knitters’ ADD. :rollseyes:

Nah, not unusual. Especially if I’m doing something large, it helps to have another thing to switch to if I’m feeling bored/frustrated! I had to cut back on it a bit though because it took forever for me to finish anything when I was working on more than 4 things at once!

oy…let’s see…i have a baby sweater that is likely to get frogged cuz i am just not in the mood but i love the yarn. i have a bag that is supposedly for me but will likely end up going to someone else. i have mom’s bag. i have a scarf for a girl at work…I have the yarn for some hats i want to make, some clogs, and at least ONE more bag that i want to make…AND the yarn for the satchel from Interweave is on my knitpicks wishlist…

oh and i think there are three afghans started around here somewhere but they are completely being ignored…

I usually have at LEAST 3 going at once, usually its about 5 going. I’m bad, bad, bad!

it’s okay.
right now I have 4. I do one for a few, then pick up the other. nowdays I try to have at least one repetitive one that I can do without fear of distractions so I can knit at Dyl’s tae kwon do class and look up at him every 2 minutes or so. in other words, no clog knitting there.

I have three orphaned half-finished socks, a White Sox DK hat, Summer Swing Top and a dog sweater.

I’ve got a scarf and a sock going right now, and yesterday I started a crochet hat for a friend of mine.

Though I have another pair of knitting needles, so I could start a fourth project…

I have a sock that I haven’t paid attention to in a while that needs some love, a kitty pi bed thingy, another sock I am TRYING to felt but won’t seem to budge after two washings, Some 8 inch sqaures for Kemp’s contest, a babay blanket, an ancient sweater I jave been working on for a couple of years and I just started a hat for my cousin. How’s that?

Sox hat? Where? Got a pattern???

I had to reign myself in and finish one at a time (I found I was ignoring a few far too long)…however I have not been working on anything really big lately. Big project coming is sissy’s afghan, so I am sure I will be working on dish cloths inbetween. Before I start the afghan, I want to get Stephen and Doug’s has done…although they might be good inbetween projects…decisions, decisions, decisions…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: OMG…Now i don’t feel bad at all with my two little projects going. In fact I feel like I’m not knitting enough after hearing about all of your projects. Don’t go blaming the washing machine for eating your socks when you can’t find a mate. Try to remember that just haven’t finished them!

I have so many started and those wanting to get started at night I can’t sleep… instead I toss and turn thinking what if I made this with that or … ohh wouldn’t that be pretty… ohhh wonder where that link is to that free pattern??

I’ve sadly gotten into the habit if one messes up I move on come back to it later :frowning: so I have two things on needles waiting to be fixed while I have moved on… to a hat and and a toddler poncho :rollseyes:

Im using the same DK hat pattern I used for DH & Baby Bro…Silver was kind enough to turn a logo into a chart for me…Do ya want it? PM me with an email addy…

The only time I have had one project at a time was back when I first started knitting and I only had one pair of needles. :roflhard:
I think I’ve got four right now. It helps to take a break from one and go to another once in a while.


I think we only have one or two (rebecca and ?, maybe Sara?) MOMOGAMOUS knitters here. :XX: ALL the rest of us are multi-tasking knitters - I couldn’t think of the right word - polygamous just didn’t sound right :??

In addition to three projects currently on needles, I also have two sweaters which just need sewing up, although one needs the collar finished AFTER sewing up, and I just ordered yarn for three pairs of clogs
:cheering: (I finally get to join the KAL) and three pair of socks.

Then of course there are the projects IN STASH - not yet started, but yarn sitting there with the pattern on top of it patiently (or not) waiting its turn on needles.

WELCOME TO THE OBSESSION :shock: :happydance: :happydance:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:


Thanks Mary, and everyone. This is great. You guys are so funny. It makes this site as addicting as knitting itself. We really need to come up with some kind of remote that lets us knit and auto scan messages at the same time.