More tattoo stuff

I’m not even sure how I came across this, but OMG…these people are very serious about their tattoos. Not for the squeamish…you’ve been warned!

I really must stay in my conservative corner of the internet. Very strange indeed.

Now obviously I’m all for tattoos and piercings, but there comes a point when it is no longer a form of expression. Instead, it’s a mental illness. :ick:

:ick: I agree Silver. I wonder if these cases would qualify as body dysmorphic disorder? :??

Dude, I am TOTALLY for tattooing, peircing, whatever…

But this…just makes me want to turn away and shake my head.

I just have no words. None. :doh:

I agree with all of you. Seems way overboard to me. It was quite a shock to see all of that body modification in one place.

The lady that had the skin disease though…I could see how she ended up doing what she did.

:shock: :noway: :ick:

:thud:holy body modification Batman! I can’t believe what some people will do to their bodies.

Now if someone covered their body in one big tattoo that looked like knitted stockingette, THAT wouldn’t be weird at all. :teehee:

Oh yeah, now THAT would be cool :slight_smile:

My husbands friend owns a tattoo shop, and his mother does permanent makeup…shes done tattoos for women who have lost breasts, and they are just gorgeous.

As for the leopard man, and the tiger man…and OMG the skull head…

I mean, hey, its your body, you do what you want, but honestly, dont expect people to squeal with glee over something that is so intense and IN YOUR FACE.

I couldnt do something like that cause I hate being stared at. It makes me so uncomfortable.

Um…don’t you know their mothers are proud of them? I wish they had their baby pictures next to each one of them.

Think there is more at play here than self-expression…:shrug:?

I thought the lady with the skin problem was kind of an interesting story, too. She’s probably the only one who I understand.

My ex-boyfriend knows Pauly Unstoppable and was inspired by him to get a shit-ton of piercings. When we broke up he had his ears stretched to about an inch, his septum stretched to a 2ga, a labret piercing, and 6 piercings below the neck. Since then he’s gotten the bridge of his nose pierced (eww) and “snakebites.” Those are the ones on the bottom lip that look like you got caught by a fisherman. And that’s not even mentioning the tattoos, all of which focus on yo-yoing.

He was an odd one, that guy.

Wonder how much money they’ve poured into this. Think of how better they could’ve used it…


I always wonder what type of JOB they do??

IMHO, to each his/her own, but :noway: I can think of lots of less painful ways to draw attention to myself…:shrug:just my opinion…yikes

:noway: :ick:

I don’t mind tatoos but that is …

Yeah! Think of the amount of yarn we could buy with what they’ve spent on tattoos!:roflhard:

Wow…since you knew someone like that personally, any idea as to why he felt the need to do all of that?

:?? I"m all for expression, as there’s a lot of really bad stuff a person could be into otherwise (substances) but wow. just, umm, wow. :zombie:
should any of them ever decided they don’t like any part of it anymore, they’re pretty much up s**t creek.
just 'cuz I’m so nosey, I clicked on the NSFW pic of Pauly Unstoppable. YOWZA.