MORE stockings (plus cute kids)

Some of you might remember my other stockings I posted in here about a month ago. I decided that this time, I’d make the stockings shorter (the first ones I made for hubby and I were almost 2 ft long!). I made one for everyone in the immediate family plus one for a friend in Minnesota.

Now, on to the stockings!

Picture 1: the stockings that started this whole mess
Picture 2: Mom’s stocking hanging (she did NOT want me taking it down to photograph, so it looks weird the way it’s hanging
Picture 3: My Nephew’s stocking. Weird picture, strange perspective. I was trying to take a pic and they were packing up to leave so it was a fast job

crap… won’t let me post the other pics… let me fiddle with this

MORE pics!

Picture 1: (left to right) My youngest sister, Alicia, My niece Alexis and the baby in front is my nephew Tristan with their stockings. My niece looks so excited… hehe
Picture 2: the stocking I made for my MN friend

I have two more stockings sitting on the couch for my sister and my Brother in law that have yet to be photographed

:inlove: Wow!

I’m humbled in the face of your talent, skill, and patience!

Those are just gorgeous! And I love the sock monkeys under the tree, too :mrgreen:

So very very nice!!!

Wow! Great work!

Thanks! I’m ready to make something other than stockings now

Wow! They are FABULOUS!!! Maybe one day I’ll try something like that. Amazing!

Beautiful stockings! You’ve done a great job!

Those are all just gorgeous! :cheering: Great work. I love the colors you used instead of regular Christmas red and green. I too noticed all the sock monkeys. Did you make them too? I love sock monkeys. :slight_smile:

Wow they look amazing :slight_smile: