More stitches!?


I’m completley new to knitting. My mother seen a Scarf she really liked in a shop last week. I went out and thought instead of buying it, I could make it instead. It’s a wool called Plumé. It is just cast on 30 stitches and knit untill you have come to the end of 3 50g balls. I have started to knit and almost finished a ball and counted i’ve magicaly added 20 odd stitches! I started again and 3 times I’ve undone it and started again just to acumilate more stitches each time. I have no idea where I am going wrong?

Any help is greatly apreasiated.

Take care


It may be a common mistake at the beg of a new row. Sometimes if you pull the yarn up when you turn, the first stitch looks like 2 stitches. Be sure when you turn your work, that the working yarn is moved under and behind the work. Play with the working yarn when you turn…pulling it up and down to see what I mean. I am assumming that this is a garter st…knit every row.

Hope that helps…april

Another thing to help you keep track is to put markers on your needle every ten stitches or so–this way you can see where you made the mistake. If suddenly you have 11 stitches in that section, look for the one that appears different. You can unknit to that point and fix it. There are directions for fixing mistakes in the videos. Sometimes a stitch isn’t slid off completely on one row and you knit it accidentally on the next row. Also in addition to what April said make sure you don’t wrap your yarn around the needle shaft at the beginning of the row and create an extra stitch.