More Spring Photos

For those of you who asked to see more photos, here are some recent shots of :

  1. tulips in the morning sun, almost ready to bloom
  2. azaleas in the afternoon sun
  3. a beautiful woodpecker, having an early dinner


How pretty! Thank you for posting!

I just went outside and took a picture of our first daffodil. Spring is on the way! :woohoo:


The woodpecker looks like the one that has made her nest in our oak tree. Boy are those kids loud and they never shut up! Poor Mama. :roflhard:

So envious!

Beautiful pictures. Can’t wait for spring, I am so tired of the cold and snow

Mmhm now I can’t wait for spring to get here! I love those perfect days sitting on the roof, basking in the sun, sniffing the spring-ful breeze, and reading some mellow book like My Antonia =)
Thanks for the lovely photos!

It was 54 degrees here on Monday and it was WONDERFUL! Today it’s 26. Boo Hiss!! Can’t wait for spring.

Almost there, one day at a time…Almost there, one day at a time…Almost there, one day at a time…OHM!

Love these and I’m SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO ready! We have tons of daffs blooming, a few crocus and hyacinths coming up! Actually got to play in the dirt this past Sunday.


Daffodils are pretty! Thanks for the comp.

I love hyacinths, smell so good! I love to plant things. Playing in the dirt IS fun!

54 degrees? That’s spring temperatures in NY? Brrr…:wink:

Ha ha! They make a chirrupping sound, when coming in for a landing. They LOVE planter’s peanuts, too! Wolf them down!

Some woodpecker was drumming the metal pole here, this morning. Must be getting ready to mate. He’s staking out his territory.

When the tulips bloom, I’ll post the photos. they should be bright and cheerfully colored.

plumbago, candytuft, lantana,tulips,
wildflower mix, phlox, red sunflowers,

ornamental gourds,

potatoes, tomatoes, rosemary,

eggplant, small peppers, and big

yellow peppers

That’s what I’m growing this year. Already
potted and growing.

*runs off to raid Photolady’s garden…
Hey wait, how the heck did you get tulips to bloom here???

I keep em in pots, and bag them up, until next year. All that.

If your garden has poor soil the bulbs should be fed after blooming, when they are storing food for the following season’s growth. Feed the plants with a liquid or granular balanced fertiliser and continue to water in dry conditions until the leaves begin to die off naturally. This may take about two or three months.

After flowers have finished, [COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]cut off the spent flower stems but do not cut back the foliage. If you cut off the leaves before they died down naturally, the bulb will not have the reserves to grow and flower the following season. [/SIZE][/COLOR]

Some bulbs are not winter hardy, hence in cold climates those bulbs should be lifted and stored to be used the next season. The bulbs can be stored in a paper bag. You should store them in a dark, cool and [COLOR=“MediumTurquoise”]dry place that is well ventilated. Make sure that the temperature is constant. Periodic inspections should be made and any bulbs showing signs of mildew or rotting removed. Shaking the bulbs in a plastic sack with a little fungicide is a good measure of prevention. [/COLOR]All physically damaged bulbs should be discarded.

<swoon> Those are GREAT pics! Here in the midwest, there’s no sign of spring ANYWHERE!!!:verysad: Usually by now, there’s at least a little warm up (30’s or 40’s), but even that isn’t anywhere in sight where I am. I’m pretty sick of the snow and cold, so these pictures really are a welcome sight. Thanks for posting!

so pretty! Thanks! I’m getting false spring hope here, its been sunny for 2 straight days and the snow is thinning out here, saw a glimmer of grass under some spots!..but I know better. We should have another good one or 3 storms coming…like that one starting in CA today…

I thought these was especially pretty, the dewdrops on the flowers I have, and wanted to share this thing of beauty with you all:

and, a nice close-up of the tiny world of a dewdrop:

I hope the bad weather misses your area, and the spring thaw comes soon.

I hope you have beautiful, colorful flowers and perfumy blossoms in your yard this year.

I have some ginger plants, and those smell luscious, during the summer.