More Sensational Knitted Socks

So the newest book came out today. Who wants it? Who has it? If you have it, what do you think?

take a look…

I have it!!!1111111111 I pre-ordred it and I got it shipped to me on Saturday!!!

It is fabulous (IMO)! She has organized the book differently this time but offers some great new techniques - including cast on and bind off techniques for top down and toe up. The patterns are amazing! My husband was laughing at me because I was drooling over the book!

It looks like another good investment! :cheering:

:cheering: I’m gonna get it for my b-day :happydance:

[color=indigo]I’m the next one to get it from the library. I want to check it out before getting it.[/color]

Think I’ll go to the AMAZON…anyone want to come along??? :teehee:

I bought it on Saturday. Looks great so far :thumbsup:

I put the book on my want list, which seems to be about a foot long at this point.

My LBN (Local Barnes and Noble) has my name on the hold list. They don’t know if they will get it this week or not. I want to see it before buying it. The original SKS is my most-used knitting book, so I’m sure I’ll get this one.

I have it. I pre-ordered. I think it is better than the first and I loved that one. Can’t wait to start in.