More ?s on ravelry

stash and burn women interviewed Ravelry’s creators
who said they wanted Ravelry to compliment knitting blogging, not replace it

Ravelers: do you find yourself less likely to blog or read other knitting blogs since entering the Ravelry universe?

And certainly Ravelry could theoretically result in less traffic on fora such as this.

No. I am blogging just as frequently. And I’m reading other blogs [I]MORE[/I] frequently since I can see the new posts of all my Ravelry friends all on one page. But it doesn’t decrease their traffic because I still have to go to their blog to read the entire post. Ravelry is truly a nice compliment to my personal blog and website.

I agree with Kristin. I am reading more blogs. And my time here hasn’t gone down at all either.

I find ravelry more useful for researching. Maybe as more people join it will be used more for forums. Right now I prefer forums like KH.

I find Ravelry more useful as a tool than a social network. They do have groups and they are useful for meeting people, but IMO they can’t replace places like KH.

Ravelry is time consuming when you first start, putting in all your info and having fun looking around though.

i agree. i’m using it to streamline my research for yarns, projects and inspiration.

I find I spend just as much time here as before, because I like the comraderie here and I never fear that anyone is going to be offensive or make me uncomfortable here like other forums can. The advise and friendliness here I think is unparalleled elsewhere, and even though ravelry is for fiber people’s too, I just don’t see such a large community with so many different forums and such being as helpful as here.:yay::muah:
I do use ravelry though for pattern searching, I like seeing other people’s interpretation of the same patterns. I also use it for yarn recommendations. I like that I can queue a pattern and then enter the yarn I want to use for it all together.