MORE QUESTIONS...K up 1--How? (See First Post)

I want to do a lifted increase using the “K up 1” stitch. I’ve got a book that shows in pix what I’m SUPPOSED to do but I STILL don’t get it. Can anyone help explain HOW I’m supposed to do this stitch?

Thanks, in advance, for you assistance on this.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS… Okay, I’ve determined that the KRL and KLL is the increase I’m wanting. So here is next question… I’m knitting on arm one headed toward the back of the garment. (1) When I get to the stitch marker, WHICH do I do:
KRL, slip marker, KLL and then go about my pattern OR
KLL, slip marker, KRL and then go about my pattern.

and then (2) do I just do the opposite after I’ve gone across the back and am about to hit the raglan sleeve for arm 2? Again, this is a top down project.

(3…last question for now) For the stitch pattern I’m doing, I need two increase stitches per section each row and am in many cases beginning the pattern IMMEDIATELY after the increase. I saw on Amy’s video that after you do the KRL and the KLL you are supposed to k1. If I’ve got another stitch combo (i.e. k2tog) can I just go ahead and do that or do I have to do the k1 FIRST and THEN go to my pattern.

I’m crossing my fingers I can do the increase and just mosey along as being required to k1 FIRST will cause me to have to rewrite this friggin pattern again.


I think it may be the same as a “regular” lifted increase…maybe one of Amy’s videos will help:

I tried looking there but couldn’t find a “lifted increase” - probably cause I don’t know what else it could be called?

M1 is sometimes called a lifted increase.

I would try picking up the loop of the next stitch and
knitting into the back of it as to not create a hole.
Good Luck

Thanks y’all!

I have a new question.Pattern says k to 4 sts before rt. front marker, (k2tog,yo),ssk; sm, k2tog, (k2tog,yo), k11. Why the parenthesis? Does it mean the same if the parenthesis weren’t there?

I don’t know why they put the parenthesis in, there’s nothing you repeat there. Maybe it’s just to set off the 2 different decreases. BTW, shouldn’t the first one be ‘yo, k2tog’ the ssk so the YO is on the outside of both decreases?

Also, it would be a good idea to start your own thread for a question that doesn’t pertain to the original one, besides, this one is more than 5 years old.

This sounds like the pattern

The reason for the parentheses may be because of the directions for Row 5 and all odd rows
"…work (yo, k2tog) above previous (k2tog, yo) patts on next RS row, then (k2tog, yo) above previous (yo, k2tog) on next RS row to stagger eyelets…"
It’s just to set off the k2tog yo steps that you will have to pay attention to on the odd rows in order to get the staggered eyelets. There’s a complaint about the pattern over on Ravelry but I think it’s someone who missed the (k2tog yo) alternating with (yo k2tog) on RS rows.

Ahhh, thanks for clearing up for me why the yo/k2tog were staggered - now it makes sense.