More questions from a newbie crocheter

Okay, I think I got the sc down. I started practicing the dc, but have some questions:

1.) Will you always end up with less stitches than you started with in your foundation chain?

2.) I keep decreasing at the end somehow… I think I am having a hard time seeing the last stitch. I am chaining 3 at the end of each row, so that’s not the issue. When I count my vertical bars or my stitches, I keep decreasing one every row. I end up with a piece of work that looks like a semi-circle. :oops: :thud: Do you think it is the last stitch that I am not seeing clearly? How can I remedy that?

It probably is the last st in the turning chain of the row before. You should only end up with 1 less st than the foundation chain if you’re doing sc, and most patterns take this into consideration - chain 21, sc 20 sts. Maybe you should use a large hook so the sts will be bigger and you can see them easier.

How many stitches less than your foundation chain will you have if you dc?

Instead of thinking of your foundation chain as all chains and skipping, think of it as chaining the amount you want and then doing the required chains for your turn. So you ch1 for sc, ch2 for hdc, ch3 (or ch2 depending on how you learned) for dc, ch4 (or ch3 depending on how you learned) for tc, ch 5 (or ch4 depending on how you learned) for dtc.

So if you’re doing dc and you want a row 20 stitches, ch20, ch3, turn and put your first dc in that 20th chain.
In reality you ch23 and skip 3 to put that first stitch in.

What I do to mark that last stitch of a row on a stitch type I have problems with is before I make the chain(s) to turn I put a marker around the loop on the hook. Make the required chain(s), put another marker around the loop on the hook, wrap the hook (if required), put the hook in the stitch below it with the maker. Complete the stitch. Then you can remove the marker from the row below.

You can also make your foundation chain long and then “untie” any extra chains you have hanging off the end when you get that first row of XX stitches done.

That’s what I do when I want a blanket XX inches and am not sure how many stitches it will need. I make a long chain and stitch until I’m a little longer than my desired length and pull out any extra chains left over.

Excellent suggestions, Mike. Even following a pattern, I always make my foundation chain a little longer, just in case I accidentally skip a chain when working that first row. It’s easy to take extras out at the end.

As far as each row getting smaller, that was a huge problem for me when I first started crocheting. It was exactly what you said, knitpurl–finding the last stitch in each row can be difficult. For a while I counted my stitches after each row be sure I wasn’t overlooking that last one. I still count for a while when trying a new pattern to be sure.

KnitPurlGurl … when working with dc, double crochet …
say it says to chain up 23 turn and dc into the 3 stitch from hook and work across …

you will be working in 20 stitches… an will always do the ch 3 for a turning chain at the end of the row. ok … (I do a chain 2 cause I don’t care for the hole at the end of a row.) but to each her own way. OK !!!

the very top loop of that chain 3 IS a stitch ok !!! that is possibly where you are missing the stitch. it is where we all miss it. OK

I hope this helps you out …

I find it helpful to place a stitch marker in the top of the turning chain. Then I can always find the correct stitch for that row.

All the suggestions here are good; however, none of them would have worked for me when I had this same problem! I was pulling a stitch too tight; sometimes it was the first stitch in the chain, sometimes the “turning” stitch(es). If the first row of sc turned out the correct number, the second row would be one short … You might try to leave your first chain and last/turning chain stitches loose & see if that helps you “find” them when working the sc into them. Hope it helps!

if ya’ll would read what she is saying … she has single crochet …
its the DOUBLE CROCHET She is having problems with !! NOT sc … but DC … ok …