More questions for my shawl

Okay I had to put this down for a bit due to work but picked it up again and now to the part about row 61. It says on row 61 the small triangles join together. Then knit after the selvedge stitches, chart triangle 1 time, middle part 1 time, and triangle 1 time. I am wondering what it means by the smal triangles join together? I think the other half I undetstand kinda

On row 61 you will start working the Triangles chart in place of the Small Triangles chart. You’ve been working stitches across the row and you’ll continue with that. It’s just the charts that are joined into the new Triangles chart.

So I will do the small triangle in conjunction with the chart triangle?

You’ll work the small triangles chart up to row 53 and 54 then repeat rows 49 to 53 and 54 once more. That’ll bring you to row 59 and 60 at which point you’ll switch over to row 61 of the Triangle chart. The small triangles chart will be finished.

Okay ty. This I must say has been the most challenging pattern ever. I feel like somethings were lost in translation