More Pattern Trouble :(

Hey, everyone,

I tell you - this bag is just killing me!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Ok…I’m working on the flap of a satchel bag. I’m working a stripe pattern in stockinette. The pattern says:

“Working back and forth in stockinette st on 38 rem sts, work stripe patt as follows:
2 rows MC
7 rows CC
7 rows MC
3 rows CC
3 rows MC
3 rows CC
7 rows MC
7 rows CC”

Ok…I started with a knit row and went from there. This means that when I needed to change from the MC to the CC I was doing it on a knit row like you would want so that the little line that you get when you change colors winds up on the underside of the flap. But, after working 7 rows of knitting and purling, I end on a knit row. This means that when I change back to the MC I’ll be doing it on a purl row so that little line will wind up on the outside of the flap.

Do you think that because I’m going to be felting the bag it will wind up looking alright? Or should I make an adjustment by adding an extra row?

Thanks again everyone!!

When you do the color change on a purl row in stockinette, it will look the same as if you did it on the knit side. The little purl bumps that happen when you change color only happen when you are looking at the purl stitches. It will look fine on the knit side.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You continue to save me!! :cheering:

My pleasure!!

Hey, are you by any chance doing the Satchel pattern from If so, how did you find the first part of the pattern, where you knit the bottom rectangle of the bag then pick up stitches around the edges? I can’t for the life of me convince my circs that this is logistically possible.

Hi, Knitqueen,

Yes, I got it from Knitty. Here is the link:

I had a REALLY hard time knitting the picked up stitches for the bottom rectangle of the bag. I wound up taking the stitches on-at-a-time off of the needle and knitting it from my finger because it was the only way I could stretch each stitch far enough. You can see on the bottom of the bag where the stitches were stretched along the seam, but I’m assuming that they will be fine once I felt it.

I wound up emailing the woman who posted that pattern, and she emailed me the original copy of it which is a little easier to follow. Let me know if you would like a copy of it - I don’t think she would mind since the published version is just worded differently.