More pattern help

OK so I’m finally going to venture into trying a hat instead of repatedly doing scarves. My denise set arrived today ( :cheering: Yipeeeeeee!!) so I want to try this as a nice easy starter for something other than a scarf.

What I don’t understand - or rather what I want confirmation of is this:

“(knit 7, knit 2 together), around”

Does this mean I knit 7 knit 2 together knit another 7 knit the next 2 together and repeat all the way around or do I just knit 7 knit 2 together then knit the rest of the row?

I think its the knit 7 knit 2 tog then knit 7 knit 2 together method but I’d like someone to confirm it for me please?

You’ve got it! Just knit 7 stitches and then knit 2 stitches together. Then repeat all the way around. Good luck! Maybe for your next project we can talk you into socks!! :smiley: You’ll be a DP expert!

YAY thank you Nina! I SO want to try socks. I really do! I want to see how difficult it is to turn a heel. You may have seen the story I posted about my mother having difficulty doing that as a young teen, sneaking them out of school so her mother (the ‘master’ knitter according to herself) could do it for my mother. When she got them home her mother had to admit she had never knitted in her life :rofling:

I have a charity shop close to the office that sells new yarn, going to pop there now to pick something cheap up to try this out on. If it works, and I manage it, I’ll probably run it up in some nice yarn and then aim for the socks. I do have my eye on the tubey though!

The trick to turning a heel is having a pattern with good instructions, and then you need to do what Ingrid says and “trust the pattern”… turning a heel is easy peasy! And if you run into any trouble, all you need to do is jump on here and at least half a dozen devoted sock knitters will be happy to help you through it! :thumbsup: