More Paintbox Knits - Tank Top and a couple more

The “More Paintbox Knits” tank top pattern called for worsted weight cotton and size 6 needles.

I wanted something a little “lighter” in texture so I used a cone of organic cotton foxfiber I had (29 wpi) that was a little smaller than DK weight and size 4 needles. I wanted a size 2T and with that change in yarn and needles, found knitting a 4T gave me just what I was after. It turned out VERY soft.

The pattern is from “More Paintbox Knits”

I also did a small blanket last week, and this teddy bear that is yet to be stuffed. The teddy is from Blue Sky Organic Cotton. While I love the softness of this yarn, it breaks so easily that it’s giving me a little trouble where you end off and bind the stitches by pulling the yarn through. If I use this for toys again I would likely run a reinforcing thread along the last row before ending off.

Everything is beautiful, as usual :cheering:

I wonder if it’s just the Blue Sky organic that breaks? I love, love blue sky cotton yarn, but have not yet used the organic. The dyed cotton is very soft and strong.
Is that Bobby Bear? Looks like him, so cute :cheering:

I have never used their non-organic cotton so I can’t compare. I’ll have to do so sometime. :slight_smile:

The bear pattern is from Jean Greenhowe’s Traditional Favorites. :slight_smile:

The blanket pattern is the Moss Diamond and Lozenge Pattern from “A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns” by Barbara G Walker.

I always forget the details… you know… like making sure I have enough yarn before starting a project. Being sure someone else isn’t already using the needles I’ll need to finish a project. Having stuffing on hand to stuff the bear…

That’s why I NEED multiple projects going! Otherwise I would have to sit and twiddle my thumbs while I wait for things to arrive at the post office. I would be driving back and forth, 30 mile trips, to see if they had arrived each day.

Being on the road all that time would mean I never got my house clean and the gas would bankrupt me leaving me out on the street living in a cardboard box (surrounded by yarn and some needles of course) :wink:

So it is IMPERITIVE for my well being that I keep multiple projects on the needles until I am as organized as you Becka.

See… I figured out that’s the main difference… YOU are organized and can therefore knit one thing at a time. I am not… and it would ruin my life if I tried to knit one thing at at time :roflhard:

Mama Bear

LOL, you are too funny :roflhard: :rofl: I am not nearly so organized as you think…my knitting stuff is organized, and that is IT!!! LOL, It would ruin my life to have many multiples on the needles … opposite there, but I bet exactly the same in most everything else!!! It’s funny, my sister reminded me that I’ve always been like this with crafting anything, all my life…like when we were doing decorative painting, I would finish my one thing, she would have 27 things going at once, then give me the one thing we needed for class so I could finish it for her!!!

They are beautiful! :heart:

Everything looks great! Well, except for the teddy bear – he looks hungry! I’m sure he’ll come to life once he’s stuffed, though. :wink: I really like that tank.

All are really great. I have been wanting to make a blanket but nothing has clicked until I saw yours! Was it hard to make? My niece is having a baby this month but don’t know if it is a boy or girl but I sure would like to knit a blanket as a keepsake for her.

wow thats amazing! how do you do the diamond pattern thing??

Jane, LOL at the teddy bear looking hungry!

Mo0nangel, The stitch pattern for the blanket is in the Barbara Walker books, in one of the Vogue Stitchionary books, and also I found it online free here

Petals, the blanket is pretty easy, just combinations of knit and purl stitches. It can be edged with a simple crochet edging or stitches could be picked up and a border added.

It’s done over 12 stitches so you can make it any size you want in multiples of 12. I have done it with a worsted weight on size 9 needles (you can see what that looks like here and the pink blanket above was done with DK weight yarn on size 6 needles.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

Mama Bear

Beautiful!!! :cheering: