More Owly Love for Mary

An owl themed receiving blanket to co-ordinate with a layette set made earlier for the owl-loving momma. The baby shower is just over a week away.

Oh, how adorable! You’ve really done beautiful work. I’m sure it will be the hit of the shower.


Such cute projects! Wonderfully knit!

Oh, how nice! You did a great job!

How very cute! I am sure baby and mom will love it.

Wow! Absolutely perfect.

If your friend has lots of kids, you’re going to have fun topping these gifts with something better. These are adorable!

haha! I actually had to restrain myself from going further with a similar thought. my daughter is about to be remarried, and her husband-to-be has promised me more grandchildren. any grandstanding I do in the future will have to be for grandkids. :smiley:

Owlly Momma is my daughter’s oldest friend. They grew up together. I nearly raised this girl (her own home life was a total mess. Our house was sanctuary.) she calls me her other mother. My daughter asked me to be supportive of her friend regarding this baby, knowing that I will, and her own family won’t. So sad. But I’m so happy to do so. :yay:

Kudos to you for being the surrogate mother to this woman! I’m sure she will love the knitted baby stuff, which will be an ever-present reminder to her of your love for her and her baby.

But yeah, save some of that creativity and ingenuity for some grand kids!!!

Shower Pics!
(by the way, I’m so proud that my items were the only gifts that were passed around the entire room - including other handmade gifts!)

That’s so sweet! :yay:

I enjoyed the shower pictures. It looks like she really liked her owlies. Good work.

Oooo la la! Beautiful work! You are such an accomplished knitter!