More orders than time

I have started selling doggie sweaters. Now, I have more orders than I have time to do them! :woot: How can I “catch up”? I’m not making $$ at this, it’s just something I like to do and I give $$ to my doggie’s rescue group so I can’t hire a right hand person! Is there a way to knit faster than a speeding bullet? So far my customers are wonderful about waiting but, I hate to have a long list of things to do.

AAHH - that is terrific that you give the money to the rescue group! Maybe you can go there (the rescue group) & teach some people to knit & have them make some sweaters as well to help out! What a terrific idea!

Maybe instead of continuing to take order, try putting people on a 'waiting list" for when you can. Let them know approx. the length of wait (“I’ll put you on my list, but it will likely be March before I can get to this one”) and then contact them when you’re about ready to work on it to see if they still want it).

Otherwise, you could learn that Irish Cottage Knitting that Stephanie Pearl McPhee and others do! (you can search around for a video on that–try google if not here).

I am afraid to contract out to other knitters for 2 reasons 1) quality. What if they’re terrible? and 2) it only pays about 10 cents an hour. That’s slave labor even if it does help the doggies!

I always let people know my timeline and thankfully, so far it has worked out that everyone has said, no problem, I’ll wait until X month. I LOVE doggie people. They are so nice. Not that kitty people aren’t but, can you imagine a kitty in a sweater? :roflhard:

I just wish I had MORE time so I could get my own stuff done too. I have a sweater for my hubby that is almost done, just need to do the neckline and I’m putting it off. He’s dying to get it!!!

Maybe a very basic knitting machine would speed things up for you. Or maybe those plastic knitting looms would be faster.