More or Less

Would you use more yarn, less yarn or the same amount if you used larger needles then the pattern calls for? Just wondering.

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I would think it would depend on the gauge swatch. If, using a larger needle, you get the same gauge as the pattern calls for, you’d use the same amount of yarn. If you get fewer stitches/rows, you’d probably use more yarn and vice versa (I think).

It depends on if you’re going to change the stitch number or amount of pattern repeats to keep the size the same. If you keep the stitches the same, you’ll use more. If you use less stitches and repeats of the pattern to get the same finished size of the item, you’ll probably use quite a lot less. If you get the same gauge, you should use the same amount.

When in doubt have an extra skein on hand. :thumbsup:

Thanks to all who answered my question. :hug:

Jan you read my mind…was short 1 skein for a project I was thinking about. I found a yarn shop only about 20 min away. So have plenty of new yarn for the project.

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