More Options for your Options (New KP Harmony Needles)

:woot:Just ordered a set of tips in every size of Knitpicks NEW Harmony wood needles. they’re really purty, and they have them in the fixed and DPN’s, too!

Wow, they look nice.

I may order just one size so that I can see how they feel.

oddly… KnitPicks is blocked at my job… and yet my agents spend all day on YouTube. sigh


:drool: OH MY. :drool:
they must have [I]just [/I]added them. i’ve had the site up today and they weren’t there.
next is a harmony sock set, right? :wink:

okay, apparently they DO have really smart people at knitpicks! :teehee: i just delved a little deeper and discovered the entire world of harmony. hmm, i guess these are kind of like hippy knitting needles! :roflhard:
an extra needle in each size, plus they’re just plum gorgeous and my stitches probably won’t slide off. that totally warrants an extra 5 bucks! :cheering:

I ordered the full set plus the extra tips. And of course I paid for fast shipping cause I am impatient! I was going to cast on for Zephyr’s Juliet this weekend, but now I’ll wait till Wednesday so I can use my colorful yarn on my new colorful needles!

don’t forget to give us a full review! :wink:

:cheering::happydance::woot:Holy Cow! I am beside myself. I was gonna get a second set of the regular tips. Now… I’m dumbfounded! Ok I guess I will get a few of each

They look just lovely. I ordered some tips, 2 circular and the sock dp.

Oh man…Oh man…

I am in love with the colors, but I wonder if the wood is like Brittany’s, or if it is more like Crystal Palace. If it’s like Brittany’s that is no good, to slow…but if they are like CP’s, with that little bit of waxy slickness…mmmmm…

I think i’ll get a set of DPN’s and go from there. Those DPN’s look like those 30.00 a set ones that were on the Yarn Harlots blog a while back. Nice!

Oh aren’t they lovely looking?!? I already have them in my wishlist but am trying to resist hitting the order button - don’t know how long I’ll make it though:roflhard:

Oooooo those are pretty!

Oh no…

Just when I was convincing myself that DH wouldn’t [I]really [/I]mind if I started a nice collection the Options/Nickel plated sets (so far I just have 1 set of tips, 3 cables, 3 fixed circulars, and 1 set of DPNs) they go and make these beauties too?!?!?!?

Decisions, decisions…

Hehe! I just finished watching Season 3 of “House” on DVD and “Blackadder the Third” as well… so funny to see how much Hugh Laurie has changed in 20 years… and how much he’s still the same!

Emm, you know how a lot of times when you phone up a company to order one specific thing and they take your order and then try to talk you into buying something else you don’t want?

Now I sort of wish KP was like that! I just phoned them on Wednesday to order some fixed circulars for sock knitting, and the CS lady was (of course) very nice and we chatted a little bit – but she didn’t say ONE WORD about the Harmony needles!:fingerwag:

Ah well, I didn’t get all the sizes I wanted yet, so maybe I can still get me some . . .:inlove:

:inlove::heart::inlove: Those are so beautiful!!!

I was gonna order some bare yarn on payday- may have to try a set of these tips. I really need extra 4’s and 6’s.

Aw- and I haven’t even gotten the full set of the original ones yet! Now i will have to covet these for a long time too… :slight_smile:



I am SO getting these at the first opportunity I have!!!
Thanks for the post, I can’t believe I missed it!!!:heart:

Oh, WOW, I love those!

I’ve never knitted with wooden needles, but I was planning to cast on soon for the modern quilt wrap, and that would be the perfect test opportunity to see if they work well with mohair…


Maybe I’ll just order one…or two…or three…:inlove:

don’t worry. you didn’t miss anything. they only put them on the site a few hours ago. aren’t they :woot:?