More Marketbag Mayhem

fun project! now they’ll really look at me sideways when I walk into the supermarket!

very pretty…what’s the pattern?

They’re really cute. I love how you’ve done all the colors. It looks like a great Christmas presents for my sister and sisters-in-law. Please post the link. Thanks for sharing.

Such a lovely rainbow of market bags!!

Love them! And on the plus side, if you take someone shopping with you and get separated, you’ll be easy to find!! :teehee:

I still can’t find the link to this pattern.

Here is the link: I used it in my post of WIP Making a String Market Bag

Those are really great! Need to put on my list of things to do, great presents I think.

Wow, those are awesome!!

I am so sorry to disappoint you, but it is not the string bag linked above. The “pattern” only exists in my imagination. It’s improvised - per my usual.

So Sorry, I thought that You used the link I posted. Your work is very beautiful. I think there are many patterns for string bags so I just posted a link I had been using for mine.

Oh wow! Such wonderful, cheerful, summery colors! Great work!

[B]Well those should make marketing grand!
I L:inlove:VE the colors!!![/B]

Hubby does the marketing with canvas bags.
If I had to, I’d have to go grand and colorful.

They actually look a lot like the shopping bags I just finished! Very cute. I’m pretty sure you outdid me :stuck_out_tongue:

Love how these turned out! Love the colors too! You’ll have so much fun using them!

Oooo pretty!!:inlove:

I love the colors and the pattern, too!!