More like... what I wanna be knittin'

Again, my mitten issue from a couple weeks ago making me decide to take up fly fishing notwithstanding…(thanks for the moral support everyone… I haven’t visited that rant in a while…)…
THIS is the pattern that someday will be my dream project…I was visiting the yarn at my LYS, even though they shorten their hours in fall (?) the nice owner Gretchen was still there and said, "C’mon in, my kids are grown and feed themselves, if the light that says ‘open’ is still lit, I’m still sellin’!). I got to chatting with her and another customer dipping in for some stuff before she and dh went out to supper (some people go out friday nights, i surf the yarn store) and I mentioned my agreement that a Christening gown would be my ultimate challenge and dream. Gretchen immediately fetched the Dale Garn book with THIS pattern in it! I could care less what is in the rest of the book, but it is EXACTLY my mind’s version of what I’ve been looking for. She made it for her kids and she is old fashioned in that she believes a christening gown is for girls as well as boys (perhaps without the ruffle on the collar). I am just drooling over this pattern and I can’t wait to begin it sometime. Maybe I’ll make it the big item that I just go to once in a while between other projects…
I’m in love :heart:

:shock: :notworthy:
That is incredible…

Holy Christenings, BinkyKat-Man! (Sorry. ;o) Couldn’t help it)
That will certainly be a challenge, good luck

That makes me scared just thinking about it. Maybe in like ten or fifteen years I might be able to take on something like that. :roflhard:

That is a stunning gown. I love the old fashioned stuff I think every baby should have one. We recently went to a family members babys christening and the baby had a lovely little pink dress and matching stuff…but it wasnt right IMO. It should have been something like this.
What is the world coming to??? :teehee:
If I had another baby (god forbid :teehee: ) I would definately want this for it.

Good Luck with the dream I say go for it!! :notworthy:

:hug: Sharon

My sentiments exactly! It just seems so traditional, boy or girl. My mom’s side of the family has a gown that my grandmother made and her 3 kids, us 5 grandkids, and now two great grandkids have worn it…along with a few foster babies that my grandma took care of through Catholic Family Services…she wrote all the years on them and my mom did too as I came along 3 months after grandma passed away. The gown stayed with my uncle’s family because he had the last child and his son had the two new ones. My mom says my grandma told her when she was ill that it was supposed to go to the oldest granddaughter (me) and so when my brother had his boy, my my mom wanted it to come here for our part of the family. Well, it was too big of a deal to get it back and my aunt felt she had to be so covert about it that my mom said “forget it, if you can’t honor your mother’s memory.” and I didn’t want to cause a fuss by keeping it like my mom said I should. Soooo, I decided last year that my ultimate dream project would be to make one myself. Funny thing is, I find that if I want to do something bad enough, I can do things that are hard. So, we’ll see. The LYS owner has a rule that she says never to look at a pattern too closely, meaning that it’s ok to look at the stitch requirements that you should be able to know or learn…but not to read the whole pattern or you’ll go buggy. Take it a piece at a time…and she has a shop filled with some of the most beautiful pieces that you wonder how a human can produce such things.
So, we’ll just see how much time lapses before I actually go buy the yarn.
I did show the pic to my mom and she agrees it’s pretty, but then drifts off to “wow, I bet you could make a lot of money if you sold the things you make” and that folks is her way of saying, “why would you knit baby things when you have no kids?” (she thinks at 37 that we are too old to start having a family now… :grrr: I think she’s full of poo)
Fun times! :roflhard:

OMGoodness, it’s gorgeous :cheering: