More Kool-Aid Fun!

I was looking for some fun things to do with the kids (bored already, two weeks into summer vacation :rollseyes: ). Took some hints from Hildie and Knitty and we were off and running… Blue Raspberry Lemonade makes the most beautiful turquoise and Berry Blue was just a little darker and lovely too.

Just beautiful!


What a great crew. Thanks for sharing the moment. Whacha gona make? :smiley:

How fun! Are you going to knit something for them out if it now?

DD14 gets a Booga bag, DD9 gets socks and DS13 gets another pair of clogs! I’m going to make shawls with my two lace-weight skeins.

That looks like so much fun! I’d love tto try that with my kids. Do you buy just plain white yarn to do that?

cool colors! A friend of mine does that with cloth diapers – (she tie dyes the cloth before sewing the cloth) for her new daughter and they look so cool. I never thought to do it for knitting. I think I just might give it a try!

We don’t have kool aid over here in NZ, but I’m sure I can find the equivalent.

Thanks for posting those photos! It’s neat for me to see how that is done! The girls look like they had a blast, and the yarn turned out beautiful!

How is that yarn washed now that it is dyed?

They look like they are having so much fun. I just experimented a couple weeks ago with kool-aid dyeing and I loved it! (Details in my blog) Those squirt bottles are a great idea! Im going to head over to my dollar store and find some of those so I can finish up the yarn I have.

That is great! I love your blue!!! What yarn did you use and also what directions did you follow to dye it?

Great job! I tried some a little while ago with moderate results. Did you mix the colors or just use them as they came from the package?

I need to give it another try.

Wow! Very Cool!
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How fun!! Great job!

What a great way to spend the day! And I’m sure they’ll love having things made with yarn they dyed.

Way to go Mom!

Thanks everyone!! It really was fun. I got excellent help from Hildie’s Post. KnitPicks also has a Tutorial. I used Knitpicks yarn comes in three weights all in natural. I put about 3 packages in the 8 oz. squeeze bottle with a splash of vinegar and then filled with warm water. That gave really nice color. Be careful not to squirt too much dye at one time because it can pool up under the yarn and make it kind of muddy. I used TONS of paper towels to sop up the excess before I added the next color. The squeeze bottles(3/$1 at the dollar store) I think were my idea and they worked great! They kept things much neater (a definite plus in this process).

Grape was the only disappointing color. It looked kind of grey. We put some Berry Blue over it and then it looked purply!

That is freaking AWESOME!!! It looks like fun too - and then you have the coolest yarn! I wouldnt be able to wait for it to dry - I’d want to knit with it right away to see how it turns out! You have to post pics when you make things with it!

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:cheering: :inlove: gorgeous!!! :inlove: :cheering:
gorgeous daughters, too! congrats!!!

I would LOVE to try dyeing but I’m afraid I’m going to go hog-wild and spend even more money I shouldn’t be spending!

:smiley: Great job!!! Looks like lots of fun for everyone :thumbsup:

I love that you made it into a project with the kids…can’t wait to see the yarn knitted!

That’s wonderful to involve those gorgeous girls! Hard to keep them entertained during the summer . . . I’ll bet y’all had a blast.

That takes me back when I used to dye my hair with kool-aid :smiley:

Your yarn looks AWSOME !!!