More Knitting Time!

I had told dispatch that I would be ready to leave the house today but to be honest am still feeling a bit tired after 6 weeks on the road and am not really feeling like hitting the road again.

I called in this morning and she hadn’t yet found me a good paying load. Cool! I told her to just work on finding something for Monday.

Now I have a couple more days of rest and knitting time. :mrgreen:

:woot: YAY for more knitting time!!

I bet that feels good. :cheering:


Any knitting time is GOOD time. Congratulations on a few more days.:woot:

Sounds heavenly to me!!

6 weeks on the road?! :noway: I don’t know how ya do it. I’m dreading the 12 hour drive back home for Christmas!

It’s what I do. I’m normally only out 3 or 4 weeks at a time but extended it this last time due to the upcoming holiday season.

And you do get some layover time during the 6 weeks, true? I mean you’re not driving continuosly, they have regulations against that…

I was just commiserating with one of my coworkers about how a full-time job takes all the fun, aka knitting and shopping, out of life. I guess I need to think of work as a way to enable my two major hobbies.

What I wouldn’t give for a couple of days of knit time!

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The regulations allow 11 hours of driving time a day, and a total of 14 hours of working time a day, and then a required 10 hour break before driving again.

We’re also limited to no more than 70 hours of on duty time in any 8 day period (no limit on actual working time, just can’t drive beyond that limit).

There is no regulation requiring a layover period at all, but if we do layover for at least 34 hours the 70 hour limit is reset. I do use that from time to time.

I just go by how I feel. If I am feeling too tired I just park and take a break. As long as my loads are delivered on time nobody cares.

I meant regulations about how long you could drive in a time period, not that layover time was regulated. Thanks for the information!

That’s great, Mason! Will you be home during the holidays at all?

congrats on a few pleasant days of knitting bliss. :cheering:

Probably, but can’t say for certain. The boss has a policy that if we get hung up out there and can’t make it home for Christmas he will put us on a plane. It happened to me last year but I told him it was cool and passed on the plane ride. Flying during the holiday season is way too much of a pain.

that’s a nice policy

Yeah he’s a pretty nice guy.

Wow, talk about an extended leg. May you have great knitting time over the next few days :slight_smile: