i’m sorry i keep posting here. i promise i’m looking these up before i post questions – usually my google-fu is weak, but this time i’m genuinely confused.

i am using this pattern (

you’ll see it says for the first increase row ‘k1, m1 knit, p1, m1 purl.’ it says to refer to a page for instructions but i don’t have the book.

i have no idea which increase this is. is this the one where you go between the stitches? or where you wrap your yarn around? if so, does it matter if i make them left- or right-leaning, and how would i know?


thanks for any help you can give me!

I’m not sure since I don’t have the book either. I would think that any increase would be fine as long as you’re consistent with them. I believe the M1 “R, L, B and F” would be the least visible if that is what you want. Here’s the increase page.

ok i went ahead and did it in a way that seemed to make sense (M1F knit and purl until the centre stitch, then M1B knit and purl the rest of the way) and it seems to look fine so far. so thank you, Jan! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :thumbsup:

k1, m1 knit, p1, m1 purl

Since there’s no comma between m1 and knit, I read it as k1, M1 knitwise, p1, m1 purlwise.