More instruction help

I am making this platypus plushie:

I have reached this section :

Continue with the orange you left in the 3rd row, and start at the front loops of this row. If necessary,
move to the right position in comparison with the knees.

  1. 1 ch, (2 sc in 1 st) 3x, 1 ch, turn
  2. from 2nd st 2 sc, (2 sc in 1 st) 2x, 2 sc
    Fasten off.
    Stuff the legs very lightly, in order to keep the shape of the knees right. Place the legs just above row 5
    of the body, at both sides of the body, a little to the front. Or put them right in front, to enable the platypus to sit.

What does this mean? In #1 am I supposed to chain 1, then do 6 stitches in the 1 stitch chain? or chain 1, put 2 stitches in chain, chain 1, 2 in chain, chain 1, 2 in chain? Except that makes no sense as it would have the flipper hanging off of the foot rather than attached to it. Also, I don’t see the “row” I am continuing off of.

I’m so confuzzled:/

I’ve been working on this for several hours and though maybe a break would help clear it up for me (it works often=) and while it worked for the “knees” (kind of), I am still lost with those flippers.

Thank you very much in advance! :knitting: