More help with Rowan sweater pattern


Hello everyone,

I’m still knitting my sweater (Rowan #64-Rosewood). Finished the back and am on to the sleeves!
I have a pattern question. The pattern is 8 rows with the 7th row having an increase at both ends. The Pattern states: cont in patt, shaping sides by inc 1 st at each end of 7th and every foll 8th row to 67sts.
Which I’m taking to mean, after the initial 8 rows, all following 7th and 8th rows will have and increase at both ends. Do this until I have 67 sts on needle.

Any help clarifying this would be most appreciated!



Decrease at each end of the 7th row and then decrease after the next 8 rows which will again be a row 7 of the pattern directions. So you’ll be decreasing on a row 7 each time until you get to 67sts.


It always helps to have a link to the pattern that you are using. You are increasing stitches. I would increase on the 3rd stitch from the edge to keep the edge neater and easier to sew together. You are increasing 1 stitch near the end of every 7th row. In all the sweaters that I have knit, you would increase every 7th row for X number of rows and then increase every 8th row for so many rows. This allows for a gentle increase in the width of the sleeves. Check for Errata or contact the magazine.


Yes, in this case the increases are at each end of the 7th row once and then every 8th row thereafter (which works out to be each row 7 of the pattern rows)


Thank you so much that was so helpful!!!
Have a great day!