More help with blanket buddy

I am halfway through this pattern already, thanks for all your help so far. I now have another pattern question. What does the TURN in this portion of the pattern mean?

[color=red]Shape Ears
Row 1 P3tog, return st to left needle, cast on 17 sts, p3tog, p 15 – 16 sts on right needle, 25 sts on left needle.
Row 2 Turn and p 14, p2tog – 40 sts.
Row 3 Turn and p 16.
Row 4 Turn and p 12.
Row 5 Turn and p 14.
Row 6 Turn and p 16, p2tog – 39 sts.
Row 7 Turn and p 18.
Row 8 Turn and p 16, p2tog – 38 sts.
Row 9 Turn and bind off 18 sts, p 1, *sl 1, p 1; rep from * across row – 20 sts.
Turn and rep Rows 1-9 for 2nd Ear. At end of 2nd Ear, 12 sts remain.[/color]



When a pattern says turn, it means that, even though you haven’t knit/purled, the rest of the stitches on the row, you stop and turn the work over. Basically at the point where it says turn, you’ll usually have finished stitches on the right needle and unfinished stitches on the left needle. You turn the work over, so the stitches that were unfinished on the left needle become the stitches on the right needle.