More help, please!

I am going to knit a baby aran cardigan and am trying to get my tension right.
10 sts = 2" on size 6 needles (uk size)

cast on 30 sts and k/p rows but 30 sts = 7"

tried size 8 needles and it still measures 6.5" across 30sts and the sts are much smaller - not sure how a bobble cardigan would come out on these needles plus will I need more wool?

If I knitt a size smaller the armhole shaping might too too small do you think or not?

Thanks helen.

Be sure to measure over the [I]middle[/I] 4 inches of the swatch. You’re very close to gauge with the #8 UK needles but the measurement needs to be in the center of the swatch not including sts near the edges.

Once you figure out the gauge you’re getting you can drop down a pattern size if necessary. Use the number of sts given in the smaller size but knit for the length given in the larger size.

Are you using the yarn weight recommended in the pattern? Can you give us a link to the pattern?

hi, I am using aran wool as stated but the pattern uses aran with wool and I am using an acrylic wool so it want be itchy.
The pattern is by peter gregory 903. dont know how to add it to this message.