More help for this market bag

I am to the handles.
Knit 18 stitches, Bind off 17, Knit 18, Bind off 17

next row: K2tog 9 times, cast on 40 sts, K2tog 9 times, cast on 40

Okay I used the cable cast on…what do I do with the strand of yarn connecting and also when I go to K2tog 9 times after the cast on…my working yarn is on the left…I tried turning my work around, but got so confused…now I have a mess…


[B]Now we’re going to do the handles. Knit 18 stitches, Bind off 17, Knit 18, Bind off 17

Next row: K2tog 9 times, Cast on 40sts, K2tog 9 times, Cast On 40. (98 stitches total)[/B]

[B]Knit 3 rows, then bind off all stitches and weave in your ends.[/B]

You’d start with the k2tog 9 times, then you need to turn it around so you can cast on the 40 stitches, then you need to turn/switch needles & hands so you can k2tog 9 times, then turn/switch needles & hands so you can cast on 40 again. then turn and you are at the beginnning of the ‘roud’ and you continue knitting 3 more rows (you could do an extra row for extra stability & strength for the handle).

You shouldn’t have a strand hanging where you connected the yarn because you shouldn’t have needed to cut it. But that’s OK if you did - just tie the 2 ends and weave them thru the knitted rows at the top.

Oh, I meant to add - that’s a nice pattern. I like the solid bottom, and I’ve never seen one that has those 4 rows of stockinette ‘stripes’ in the middle - nice touch!

I went to the link to see the bag but I couldn’t see it. I right clicked my mouse and choose view image and it took me to a page that said the file could not be found 404 error.

Yeah, it did for me too. :frowning:

How strange - Ihave no problem viewing the pattern.

Could you post the picture?

You can see it on Ravelry. I couldn’t see the picture either otherwise.

Yes, the one Jan posted is it - I looked for it on ralvery but couldn’t find it.

thank you! I wasn’t turning it around I guess, but it is all done now and I really like it…