More fingerless mitts, my design

I decided to try to make my own recipe for some mitts. I found a stitch in one of my Harmony guides and converted it to my use. I used one of the k 2nd st, then k 1st st cables and a regular cable for the whole hand. I used the after thought thumb and my idea of short rows for a slightly longer palm.

I still don’t know what I’m doing with picking up the wraps on the short rows. I don’t think I do it right, but I do it. :slight_smile: I think I could write out this pattern, but you may have to be pretty good at free wheeling. When I did the short rows I kept it in pattern (sort of lol), it is not hard to do, but I can’t give it stitch by stitch.

And the palm side.

And an attempt at a close up of the sort of lace panel in the cuff.

These are made of Wool-Ease in color 129-Cocoa.

thats really pretty! can i have the pattern? i would like to knit some of these…good job! :slight_smile:

Another nice pair! I’m still waiting for that short-row pattern… LOL

Very pretty!

Those are lovely! I keep meaning to make myself a pair- love your pattern.

Those are very pretty!

Very nice. Love the design.

I tried knitting an after-thought thumb in one of my mitts, but it was too wide! How did you decide how many sts to make the width of the thumb for your pair?

outdoordrea, since my gauge was about the same as the Fetching mitts from Knitty I decided I would need 17 stitches for my thumb, but I only used 40 stitches for the whole mitt and they used 45, I think it was, so I decided to only use 5 stitches and pick up more in the gaps to make the 17. It worked.

I just posted the pattern as best as I could write it in the Pattern Central folder. It is called Brown Cabled Mitts from the Gallery. I think the pattern will work. :slight_smile:

These mitts look warm:heart: Great job and WTG on the pattern :thumbsup:

:happydance: they look great!!


It did indeed; they look fabulous!:yay:


Are you saying that about mine or did you try it on a pair and it worked for you?


That is a great pair of mitts! Hope you are really proud of yourself, and thanks for posting the pattern.

Ohhhh I like those! You did a great job. You’re another “winger” (as in “I winged it”) - I’m in awe of wingers. :wink:

very nicely done!!

I’m saying that about yours! And…I’m going to try your method (and possibly your pattern) for another pair – I’m a glutton for punishment, and a stickler on getting things right.

Merigold, you inspire me! You’re amazing! The gloves are PERFECT!