More felting questions

Since my felting venture in a commercial washing machine at the laundromat down the street looks bleak, does anyone know anything about those ‘felting tools?’

They seem to go to be true. Are they?

what felting tools? are you talking about needle felting? needle felting is fun but i wouldn’t want to try to do an entire bag that way.

I am sorry if I missed another thread on this but why can’t you use the commercial washer? Do you have a washer at home?

I have heard of people using the kitchen sink and a brand spankin’ new plunger for agitation. that could work i would think AND you get arm muscles… :teehee:

I am going to have to use the communal washer at my complex, it’s probably the same, or similar to one at the laundrymat…why can’t you use the laundrymat?

the only thing i can think of, is that it could be costly and time consuming. if your item doesn’t felt in the first load you will have to let the machine finish it’s stuff, put more quarters in, and do it again. i don’t know how much laundry costs now but i would guess it is around $1 a load and if it takes as many cycles as mine does (i am front load) that could add up fast! plus all the time of waiting for the other cycles to finish and all that.

A) The laundromat costs $2 a load
B) The washers cannot be stopped before the rinse cycle
C) I can’t set a water level

Everything is preset and I can’t change it.

I went to my local yarn shop yesterday and I saw a “felting tool.” Wooden knob with about 12 needles coming off of it and it said it felted well without the use of soap and water. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I couldn’t see the bag shrinking as much as it needed to, etc.

I just didn’t know if anyone had used one before and had good results with it.

Oh, and no, I rent a place without a washer/dryer :pout:

yeah they aren’t bad but i think they work better for small stuff and aren’t really going to shrink the object so much as …agitate (for lack of a better word) the fabric into a felt like material. I think they are better for adding details to your work than they are for felting a while bag.

maybe try the plunger and hot water in the sink thing. it will definitely take a lot of work and probably be kinda messy but i think it would work better than trying to needle felt a whole bag!