More fame for Limey!

Here’s a picture of her stitch markers in Simply Knitting :cheering:

I hope you get lots and lots of orders from this Ellie! :woot:

Congratulations Limey.


Those are really nice stitch markers. I’ve never used ones with hooks before. Is this in the April issue of SK? (I still haven’t seen the March issue!)

Does she sell and ship to the US? I love her markers.

I’m not sure what month it’s supposed to be, but it’s Issue 39 ‘Spring’ .

Yes, she does :slight_smile: Click the ‘Buy Online’ button on the site for more info :slight_smile:

Congratulations!:yay: What an awesome idea, and so pretty too!

Hi Folks

Thanks so much everyone for your very kind comments and thank you very much Jen, for posting - it was a lovely surprise when I got your PM.

I haven’t seen the new edition of [I]Simply Knitting[/I] yet but when the production assistant wrote that they were going to put the markers feature on the ‘Ask the Experts’ page, I could have had a fit!!!

Then she added they were going to put it under gadgets (WHAT a relief) - gadget fan, I’ll happily admit to, but expert!?? - forget it, I’m outta here!

The only reason I began making the hooks was because some overly-optimistic friend suggested I knit a baby’s lace matinee coat (this, after I’d only just managed to make a baby’s basic cardigan!)

As you can imagine, I got in the most awful mess with the yarn overs and knit two togethers, and then I realised that it would help me alot if I could use something to mark out the changes FIRST before I began working the row. So that’s how the hooks came about.


All Best Wishes


:woot: :cheering: yyyaaaayyyyy for you Ellie ! The markers look lovely against the yellow that they have used.
Sorry i did not reply before , I had major issues with the computer .
Well done . our stuff is wonderful :hug:

Hi Rita

I’m very glad you managed to get your computer problems sorted out and thanks very much for posting your kind comments.

I’m glad you like the knitting on the photograph - it’s not mine, the magazine take their own pictures (maybe just as well!) - and yes, you’re right about the needles - people DO seem very intrigued that the cable is metal!

All the Best


How exciting! That’s awesome!!

Well I love the metal cable needles i had from you. They do not kink or snag and the yarn just eases over the needles.
The plastic cable ones of which i have two are just as good . No kinks in those either and no need for boiling water :cheering:

Congratulations Ellie! Well deserved recognition :slight_smile:

:yay: save our :hair: :frog: :wall: :eyes:

:blooby: :woohoo:

[B][I][COLOR=“Red”]Congrats Ellie!! [/COLOR][/I][/B]
I recently purchased some of the metal cable needles, I have heard only good things about them. I can’t wait until they get here.

I started using old ear rings as markers long before I got interested in making jewelery, what else to do with them? Looks like you ‘shop’ at the same place for your materials. (Some of the ‘charms’ are the same.)

It’s so cool that they chose your product, you should be getting a lot of orders from their article. Free advertizing is the best!