More Emoticons!

You asked for it, you got it!
:cheering: :happydancing: :heart:

A bunch of new emoticons! Click on “View more Emoticons” when posting a message to see all of them.

Have fun!

CUUUUUUTE! I LUV the Happy Dance!

OMG, I found a knitting emoticon!

If anyone ever finds a guy-friendly one like this, let me know! This one’s got a bow in her hair. Maybe someone clever knows how to edit out the bow for a second icon? That would be too cute. Wouldn’t it be cool if the boy one had a baseball cap or something? :slight_smile:


Oops, I think I might have broken one or two of the old emoticons. If anyone finds that one of their emoticons they used in an old post isn’t working, let me know the post, and what emoticon it was. It will show some text in it’s place. I just need to know what text went with that emoticon, and can easily fix it if I broke one. Thanks!


That would be :sunglasses: , Amy
In the meantime, I think that the men here are just :smiley: that you are thinking of us and I will be happy to use the xxx whenever the need arises. We all just :heart: this site and the many opportunities it provides to learn and share with everyone :happydance:

OH … I am soooo HAPPY about this … !!! YIPPPY!!! :happydance:

This one xxx is FABULOUS!!!

What happened to “mrgreen” ?? :cry: I must edit my signature … :??

“mrgreen” is mia. He ran away … :?? …

Oops! Sorry ekgheiy! I’ll put him back right now. Here he is! :mrgreen:

I had to edit existing emoticons to insert the new ones in the main viewing area of the post. I wasn’t very systematic about reinserting the old ones! :oops:

Oops I just realized I did away with the wicked devil faces…Okay, they’re back.

:?? Let me know if you find any broken emoticons, folks! Thanks!


You all are not going to believe this! Happenin made us a boy knitter emoticon!!!

Happenin might still be working on it, so I won’t add it quite yet. Here’s what it looks like so far…

(Way to go Happenin! :cheering: :cheering:)


Thanks Happenin :happydance:

I love that he’s knitting another smiley…maybe Ill knit myself another Kelly who can knit herself another Kelly, and so on, and so on, and so on… :shifty:

Oh! :shock: I didn’t even notice the knitted smiley!! …Woy, you’ve got good eyes, girl. :wink:

That is indeed very cute. :slight_smile:

Don’t do it dear, We all love the uniqueness you already are!

Thanks gang! :blush:

Anything to help the cause.

Amy, I sent along 2 more of your edit ideas. My emailer got a little buggy when I sent them…so if you didn’t receive them let me know, k?

I got 'em, Happenin! I sent you an email. Thanks!..

Don’t do it dear, We all love the uniqueness you already are![/quote]

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! :oops: :blush:

hmmmm – to me this doesn’t look like a bow in her hair – but like the big clown hair – like Krusty the clown:

xxx -->

doncha think?

LOL, Jessica! I totally see what your saying, especially with the picture of Krusty right there. But it’s still hard to really “see” it as hair on the knitter. Thank goodness, because I like seeing it as a bow! :wink:

Hey, everyone, I’m working on my own emoticon!! :cheering: Happenin has inspired me, with her brave foray into the world of editing/creating an animated gif! I had DH teach me how to edit an animated gif, to make my own emoticon! It actually wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, I’m using Fireworks, which is a good program for it.

It’s an emoticon for FROGGING! I just thought: we NEED an emoticon for frogging. It was my inspiration for doing an emoticon. …It’s almost done!!

(…to be continued. Oh, how I love leaving you all in suspense…:devil: wicked laugh.)


:notworthy: GO AMY! GO AMY! GO AMY! :notworthy:
doin the dance with my arms movin in circles at chest level