More Duffers and socks

I whipped out these slippers so my daughter could take a pair on her Alaskan cruise two weeks ago. The socks are for her too. She has a birthday in November. She is mid 30’s but loves wacky socks and those crazy colored and patterned Converse tennies. This is a knitpick yarn and has a weird colorway, but she will like the wicked acid green, hot pink and brown combo I am sure! :rofl:

Another nice pair. They do look like ballet slippers. Love the green.

The socks are very nice. I like “wacky” socks too. Not boring is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Those are great! :thumbsup:

I LOVE the socks. Slippers look comfy too. She would love my whacky socks. My fav is a pair of bright purple flip-flop socks with bright green frogs on them. Most people look at me crazy when I wear them with flip-flops in SW FL on a hot day! Of course, I didn’t knit them, I bought them online a very long time ago.

She would love them. She and her husband have some private joke about frogs between them so it would probably put her to laughing. I have made her several pair and they all have loud colors and patterns.

Great colors and terrific looking socks and slippers. Well done!

Nice work! Fast, too! I really like the contrasting sole and toe! It is a wonderful touch!