More duffer slippers

I made these for the vet tech and receptionist at the Vet’s office. The vet tech is so wonderful and sweet with Fortune when he is sick and the receptionist is always helpful, especially when the bill is really high letting me slide on it for a couple payments. So, I thought they deserved a small token of my thanks. I had a devil of a time finding pink yarn that was all wool and bulky as the vet tech liked pink. But, pink she wanted and pink she got though I hated the yarn and will never use it again as it kept separating and tearing apart like candy floss. (Lighthouse Ocean Sunset Ombre in Raspberry and Blues)

Results are great! I love the swirled pattern in the slippers. Well done.

Those are pretty!

Really nice work! Colorful and well done!

Very pretty!..and I like the thoughtfulness behind the gifts.

Super cool, as always. What a sweet way to show your appreciation!