More curling issues

I’ve read the posts for stopping the curling when you do stockingnette stich. However, I’m still confused. I’m almost done with the back piece of a sweater I’m knitting. The entire thing is (except rib at bottom) is stockingnette.

How should I fix this now? Does it matter if it curls if the front and back are going to be pieced together anyway?

Also, when people say knit a “border” do they mean add extra stiches to each row or use the cast-on number indicated and have three on each side be garter? Thanks for the help!


Don’t worry about the sides of the sweater curling. The seaming will take care of that.

The garter edge is recommended for scarves and things that won’t be seamed.

I’m humbled by your knowledge. :wink: Thanks again Ingrid.