More critters

I am having fun making up as I go…

Very cute!

sooo cute. :slight_smile:

Cute! Can’t wait until you find the cord to your regular camera though. “WINK”. “WINK”! :slight_smile:
Great job,

found the cord this morning in my desk at work! have been home sick since Friday…should have stayed home today too! boo hoo

We’ll expect new photos soon then. Hope you get 100% better soon.

Those are so cute, I especially love the crocodile one…
I know you said you just went with the flow, but do you have a rough pattern for something like that? One of my younger cousins would just love a dragon-style scarf like the crocodile, but I’m not yet advanced enough to make one up or try to deconstruct yours by looks. :slight_smile:

Such a cute idea!

omg sooo totally cute!!