More confusion! Wrap 1 and more

Hi ladies

With the help of the kind ladies here and the bids, I’ve managed to complete the back of my sirdar Indie jacket. Woohoo!

However, I’m about to start on the front and sleeves and there are some bits I’m baffled by!

Wrap 1, Turn
I’ve watched the vid and get the principle but don’t really understand the next stage after turning.

Starting with 46 stitches and about to do the collar, it says:
K32, wrap 1, turn
Next row: Purl
Next row: K27, wrap 1, turn
Next row: Purl
Next row: k22, wrap 1, turn
Next row: purl
Shape shoulder: cast off 2, k7, wrap 1, turn. 44 sts.

Here’s what I don’t get. After I k32 and wrap 1, turn, am I purling the stitches I’ve just knit only, or the whole row? I guess it’s the whole row otherwise the number of stitches at the end doesn’t add up but I’m trying to visualise this and it doesn’t make sense!


The pattern for the sleeves says:
8th row: p3, p2tog, (p4, p2tog) 3 times, p2.

Which bit am I meant to do 3 times - the bit in brackets? Elsewhere it uses * for partial repeats so I’m not sure.

Thanks for any help - if it helps, the pattern no is Sirdar 9316

Thanks so much - I look forward to a time when I know enough to help anyone as useless as I am!

  1. When you W&T you then will be working on the back of the work so you’ll be purling. When you get to the end turn and you’ll knit the next 27, W&T, Purl the back…etc. You’re doing some shaping.

  2. You repeat the part in parenthesis.

We all had to learn a new lingo. You’re doing fine. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much Jan - so far the back is done, and unbelievably it’s the first time I’ve done shaping and binding off, so I’m on a roll. Might try out the wrapping on a scrap bit of wool - I’m sure it will make sense when I’ve done it once but I just can’t picture it!

Have to say though, I’m loving the extra chunky wool so much - I’m never using thin yarn again!

You’ve got a good grasp of what needs to be done. I think you just need a little bit of reassurance.