More Chevron help


Hi guys,

I need more help please! I thought I had sussed out my pattern to make a chevron pattern for a blanket with some kind help from the forum a couple of weeks ago. I just finished the block section I was on and something looks wrong, very wrong. :sob: I’d hope to be back with a lovely photo of the finished blanket but alas.

I’ve obviously been losing stitches as I go along! This is a small table from part of the pattern that explains the chevron part. I assumed that where it said to repeat 6 stitches 18 times it referred to the blue section of the grid. Does that mean I have dropped a stitch every time on row one as the second yfwd is outside the blue part.

Does that sound about right? Is there anything I can do to remedy this or is my best undoing the whole thing and starting over?



You definitely need both yarn overs in row one to balance out the 2 decreases. Each pattern row has an equal number of increases and decreases so that you don’t lose sts as you work the pattern.

I don’t know what the “6sts” refer to. There are 7sts required to work the section in blue not counting the yarn over which doesn’t use a stitch. To me, the repeat looks like the 10sts between the right hand box and the next dark vertical line ( the line one before the last open square) or possibly even the entire chart depending on the number of sts that are on the needle.

How many sts does the pattern call for to begin the chevron section? Are there any border sts?


Thanks for the help Salmonmac, especially after you helped me last time! I guess this has been a lesson in make sure you understand a pattern, not just follow it blindly. All good learning.

It asked me to pick up 107 sts along the side of the striped section. Knit out 7ish rows in one colour before switching colour and starting the chevron section. There is no explicit border. I assumed the reason it asked you to repeat the 6 sts I thought were denoted by the blue was to leave a border.

I’ve tried to write out the full pattern myself and I think you are right. I think I need to repeat from the first yfwd to the bold line. If I do not count the yfwds then that is 6 sts I think.

I have a hard time visualising the pattern so my main concern is that the idea is to pick up the loops created with the blue wool to create a chevron stripe. If I have too many extra knit sts then the loops made will not be close enough to knit through (picture of the finished article in my first post: Chevron pattern help). So that’s why I think I shouldn’t be repeating those first two knit sts every time.

Thanks again for your help with this. I’ve knitted a few things now and whilst I can perform most stitches I really struggle to picture a pattern without it actually being knitted in front of me!


If you repeat from the first yarn over to the first solid line that’s 8sts (the first dec takes 2sts, there are 3 knits and the second dec is another 2sts ending with a k1). If you start with the initial 2 knits (2sts), then repeat from the first yo to the first solid line 13 times (8 x 13 = 104) ending the final repeat with the last k1, that’ll total 107sts (2 + 104 + 1). So I agree that those first 2 sts are only knit at the very beginning.
Certainly a pattern that isn’t easy to follow and requires a bit of correction. You’re knitting looks lovely so it’s to bad to have to rip some out. Enjoy knitting the rest and do let us see when you finish!