More Boredom Equals More KH Graphics

So yeah, I’ve been really bored…Did quite a bit of knitting earlier and the evening (after the kids go to bed) is computer time…lol…However, I’ve been really bored online…tired of MySpace, tired of playing games, etc. and I’ve been in a graphics mood again but don’t have anyone to make graphics for! So, I figured I’d just make some more KH graphics…lol…Anyway, feel free to save this if ya want!

Just wanted to point out this particular image is too large for a sig so please don’t use this as your KH sig. This one is for anyone who would like to add it to their blog/MySpace/Facebook/website!

That’s very nice (you’re quite talented!), but WAY too large for a signature.

From the guidelines -

Lastly, a note about signatures. Your signature (what you create in your profile to appear at the end of your posts) is a great place to express yourself, within reason. We ask that you keep it to roughly 200 pixels tall (click here for a size example) so that members viewing threads don’t have to scroll past an enormous signature with every post. Discreet text links to commercial sites (such as your own yarn shop) are allowed, however banner/image advertisements are not.

How cool is that! Good job on that. :thumbsup:

Sorry, I didn’t intend that particular one to be used as sig because if I shrink it down much more, some of the text would be near impossible to read. I should have pointed out if people want to save it for their blogs/MySpace/Facebook, etc. that is fine. Will edit post :slight_smile:

Hey, you wanna make a button for the Midwest Great Plains Oddball Baby Blankets? Man, that’s a mouthful!

I keep forgetting to put out a plea or attempt it myself!


I like it! GREAT job!!! I think I want to use it in my blog.

i like it too.

i’ll happily add it to my facebook profile (when i figer out how you do it that it lol)

I need a logo for my stitch n bitch. wanna make one for us?

I just got Facebook so I’m not sure if it works like MySpace or not, but, if you are able to insert HTML anywhere, you can save the image to your computer then upload it somewhere like Photobucket and copy the HTML code and paste it into your profile.

feministmama and kellyh57, sure, I’ll make some graphics for ya :slight_smile: Just let me know the sizes you need for the images and if there’s any particular information you want on it (aside from that already given…lol)

Ok, feministmama, here’s something I was toying with, if you want something else, don’t hesitate to say! I just had an idea in my head and decided to work with it…lol…If you like this, I can add your state abbreviation to the graphic as well.

And, a graphic for the Midwest Great Plains Oddball Baby Blankets…Again, if you’re not crazy about it or had something else in mind, just say so, you won’t hurt my feelings…lol…Just wanted to try out some ideas I had to see what ya think :slight_smile:

You are so awesome!!! I didn’t even have an idea in mind. All I know is we needed a graphic to put on or website and fliers. Well shoot n ow I have to show this around, get conversations going. This is cute. THanks for doing this!!! you rawk!!!:muah:

You’re so welcome, glad you like it!

Those graphics are GREAT!:muah:

That is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. It’s absolutely perfect!


Hey, Demonica. Those are great!!! Where do you find your images, like the woman? Is it Rosie the Riveter? Anyway, I want some pics like that, but I am trying to find the freebies? Have any ideas?

Yes, it is Rosie the Riveter. You have to be very, very careful not to use copyrighted photos. There are some free stock photography sites, as well as paid sites (which I think have better images) that you can obtain images from, or, you could take your own photographs, or, make them in a program like Paint Shop or Photoshop.

I, for the most part, create all my graphics to avoid any copyright infringement. However, after researching the copyright on Rosie the Riveter, I could find nothing stating it is indeed a copyrighted image. On the flip side, there is a Rosie the Riveter image done by Norman Rockwell that IS copyrighted, so you would have to get permission to use that particular image.

The best thing to do is google “free pictures” or something of the like and read all the disclaimers in regards to how the image can be used. A lot of them can be used for free for personal use but not to make money off of.

Hope that helps!

Yes, that helps a lot. If I did buy photos, which is a good site?

I don’t have any personal experience with either of these sites, these are just the 2 I’m most familiar with: