More Booty questions

Making baby booty so working with very small number of stitches on size 6 circular. (Pattern calls for it.) With a cast on of 5 stitches and working increases until 13 stitches and 20 rows, and then decrease back to 5 stitches, I now have the sole of the booty. Pattern calls to p/u 15 stitches for side of booty, p/u 5 stitches at end of sole, and p/u 15 stitches for other side of booty. So I picked up the 15 stitches and then the 5 (and that’s a bit of a stretch) but not sure how to get the other 15 on one circular needle! What am I overlooking?


You may have to use a separate double pointed needle to pick up those stitches and either try to slip them onto your circular tip or knit them from the dpn until there are enough rows done to accommodate the sharp turn around the toe. (I assume you’re using magic loop to work this few stitches on a circular.)

Ok, that’s kind of what I was thinking too. I kind of assumed a magic loop too but the pattern only calls for one circular needle so not really sure how the pattern maker did it but magic loop seems logical. Thanks!

My suggestion would be to place a marker at the beginning of the round so you don’t get confused as to where you should start and stop.