More blocking questions

You guys were so great to help me the other day! Now I have another blocking question.

I know the preferred way to block is to block the pieces before they are seamed together.

But what do you do if you are to seam parts of an item together, then pick up and knit more? EG: I made an infant sweater. I was to sew the shoulder seams, then pick up and knit the neck edge. Then pick up and knit a front placket. Would you recommend I block before or after I picked up and finished?

I would probably block before sewing the seams together and then you could lay the sweater out and spray till damp on the new add ons to block them a little. Don’t worry about getting the rest of the sweater damp, that won’t hurt anything, but with your squirt bottle aim mostly for the bands you added at neck and fronts. You can pat them into shape a little until everything looks as nice as it can and then just leave it to dry.

That is what I think I would do. ArtLady the blocking queen may have other advice.

Yes, I agree with Merigold! I would stop and block the pieces BEFORE picking up the stitches for the neckbands or buttonbands and BEFORE seaming the shoulders!

Here I was, blocking the 5 pieces for my daughter’s Bettna…and after the 5 pieces were dry…I picked up the garter stitch bands, and did all the other seaming. Then I laid some wet terry cloths on top of the garter bands to block them that way.

Here are the garter bands, getting their turn under pressure! TeeHee!

And here she is, on my daughter’s back, just this morning!

thanks to both of you! The sweater is beautiful, ArtLady!

I have a blocking question. How do you block a sweater that is knit as all one piece?

I just did that. I lay it out as a double thickness…or if I have room on a blocking surface, lay it out single layer!

Here is LARA, blocking as a double layer: