More Baby Uggs!

Just finished these for a baby boy! Changed the brown Uggs to blue :smiley: I hope there’s baby girls I can knit for eventually so I can try pink!

These are also made with Berroco Suede and Berroco Plush from the Knitty Gritty website.

Those are just sooooo cute!! :heart:

Those are so cute!! I need to find someone who’s preggers so I can knit these.

:smiley: Too cute…I agree with Ingrid…I want to knit some, too!!! Then, hear the ooooos and ahhhhs when the pregnant person sees them :wink:

:cheering: You finished them in time!

They are soooooo cute!

I won’t be giving these in person :frowning: I’ll have to have my sister tell me if the mom to be likes them! And I gave the original brown ones to a coworker, so I didn’t see his wife’s reaction…but he seemed to like them! :wink:

I really want to do pink ones!! Maybe I’ll just make them and hold on to them until someone has a baby girl!!

I just love them in the blue – they are soo cute!! :heart:

those are really cute, love the pattern.

I watched that episode and they were just tooo cute! If/when we have another one, I want to make those as well! I’m hoping/thinking PINK this time around though :slight_smile:


You do such a great job on these baby uggs! I think yours look BETTER than the ones shown with the pattern on knitty gritty! :inlove: Hopefully, I’ll have a baby to knit these for in the future.

Those are so cute in blue. I have just got to make a pair of those; and I get to do mine in pink. :mrgreen:

Just too dang cute! :thumbsup:

Thanks Jackie!! :blush:
I noticed the Plush (the white fluffy yarn on the booties) yarn comes in tons of different colors too…there are so many different possibilities!

My sister said they went over very well! Sounds like another knitter was at the shower and she loved them! :smiley:

They are cute!!! I had only seen the picture that goes with the pattern and having seen yours now aswell, I’m certain that they are ubercute!

I have the pattern saved on my computer already waiting for the right opportunity and now it will be here :slight_smile:
About 3 weeks ago my bestest friend announced that she’s pregnant :happydance: She saw the tiny booties I made for another baby half a year ago and she actually asked me if I would make something like that for her baby too once she got pregnant so I know knitted things will be appreciated there :thumbsup:
(can you believe many people don’t ‘like’ them because it’s “oldfashioned” sheezz :shock:)

Anyway: It’s still very early and she’s had 2 miscarriages before so I don’t want to jump the gun just yet but I am already collecting patterns for cute things I can start making for her as soon as she’s 3 or 4 months along. And since it’ll be a November/December baby, I think these uggs would be perfect!

Now I just need to wait to hear which colour I can use :wink:

You can always do the brown too–very unisex!! :thumbsup:

true, and I just realised that it’s maybe a bit more winterfriendly too :slight_smile:

How cute!! :inlove:

OMG The blue is adorable! How much fun these must have been to see develop! Gah, those are cute.