More Attempts at Spinning - Yak Hair, Soy Silk, Silk/Merino

Well, I have decided to try spinning a few different fibers to get used to spinning with a drop spindle. I’m trying both the drop spindle and my spinning wheel, but I seem to have a bit more control with the drop spindle, which I need right now while I’m a beginner. :rollseyes:

I looked in my sample bags that came with my spinning wheel. (I got a HUGE box of goodies with my spinning wheel when I bought it at a local consignment store.) There are lots of different fibers, so I’m starting with the smallest bags and working up to the larger ones.

So far, I have spun a silk/merino 50/50 blend, some yak hair, and some soy silk. They were all completely different, so it’s been a good experience. (The yak hair is gross! I have decided to call it YUCK hair instead.) :?eyebrow:

I don’t spin…but I so love knitting with soysilk…I’m not so sure about that Yak business :shock: