More About Interchangeables

I saw a couple of recent posts about interchangeable needles but wanted to start a new topic since the previous discussion seemed to be more about the cords, which I’m not as worried about.

I’m considering a new set of wood, preferably bamboo, circular needles. I have the KA “Switch” set but haven’t been entirely happy with them because, although I love how it gives you a lot of options to make the cord different lengths, everything comes unscrewed easily. Somehow my husband doesn’t seem to have a problem with this (yes, he knits). As far as the cords, they seem a bit flimsy so I am looking to try something with a more durable cord even if it is not quite as flexible.

I was looking at the Knitpicks “Sunstruck” set, which has a key to secure the join between the tips and the cord. However, I also see the Addi and Hiya Hiya sets, which have a screw in clicking/locking technology. This seems like it might be more practical (despite that they are almost twice as expensive) considering that the key for the Knitpicks set could be easily lost. Also, the Addi and Hiya Hiya are available in bamboo, while the “Sunstruck” are made out of birch…I’m not sure there’s that much of a difference, but I’ve sworn by bamboo for years.

In other words, I’m more concerned about everything staying secure than I am about the cord, as long as the cord is durable. Any thoughts?

It happens with some people and not others so I think its the way some of us knit or turn the work.

I have multiple Knitpicks sets. Any screw in type needle can come undone, but the key helps. IMO though using a piece of grippy shelf liner works so well I’ve not had one unscrew since! I use the key for leverage and put the grippy on the right needle and tighten. Try that before you buy new needles.

ETA - I do like the KP wood needles a lot. I mostly use the NP just as personal preference to metal.

Like Jan said, some people have them come unscrewed and some don’t, I think how tightly one knits can also contribute, I have it happen much less often since I’ve loosened up. Apparently KP and WEBs think keys get lost easily too since I seem to get a new one every time I order anything. I put one on a big orange paper clip and another on a big pin-like stitch marker and neither has been lost. They’re also easier to pick up.

I have Addis and KnitPicks and prefer the connection on the Addis. They never have come undone.

As for bamboo vs. birch, I have some of the birch dpns and they are slicker than bamboo in general, if that is a concern.

Re: tightening the KP needle shank onto the cord threads: it’s a matter of torque. Ask your husband about torque! As in changing a tire…just the right amount of torque is needed to secure the lug nuts.

It’s the same with securing the KP needle tips to the cord threads.

BTW: I rarely use the “key” that’s provided with the KP interchangeables. I mainly use a [B]T-[/B]pin that sits in my pin cushion. It works wonderfully! I have good leverage, too.

Both Jan and I use a little piece (1" x 1") of rubbery shelf liner to hold the needle shank in one hand while we ‘torque’ down on the key (in my case, T-pin) with the other hand.

It’s a matter of just the right amount of torque. And I do it kinda quickly, with a little burst of energy.
Not so much torque that you strip the threads, but just enough to really anchor it.

I found the shelf liner stuff at my local dollar store - have a big roll of it…I cut a little piece off and put it in the needle case.