More abbreviations / pattern nightmare

I am still hanging in there to knit my Rowan Ribbon Twist cardigan (pattern Honey).

I have gotten to row 20…and my brain got severely stuck by the huge amount of non understandable instructions , I hope you will be able to help me.

The sizes are for XS :S: M:L: XL - I am knitting for a size S.

There is a lot in these instructions that doesn’t make sense to me, I hope someone can take me through them.
I especially do not understand instructions such as:

[li]P8 (18:5:9:21) - Would this mean P18 for a size S…why so many stitches??
[/li]li 1 (0:1:1:0) - would this mean that for a size S I do not P2tog as the number is 0???
[/li][li](P6, P2tog, P7, P2tog tbl, P6, P2tog tbl, P6) 0 (0:1:0:0) times - same for this one…why a 0 does it mean that I shouldn’t do this at all for this size??

[U]Here are the full instructions for that single row:[/U]
Divide for front and back:
Row 20 (WS): K1, P8 (18:5:9:21), (P2tog) 1 (0:1:1:0) times, (P6,P2tog) 0 (0:1:0:0) times, P8 (0:6:10:0) and slip these 18 (19:20:21:22) sts onto a holder for left front

P9 (33:6:11:39), (P2tog) 1 (0:1:1:0) times, (P11, P2tog tbl, P9) 1 (0:0:0:0) times, (P6, P2tog, P7, P2tog tbl, P6, P2tog tbl, P6) 0 (0:1:0:0) times and slip these 31 (33:35:37:39) sts onto another holder for back

P8 (0:6:10:0), (P2tog Tbl, P6) 0 (0:1:0:0) times, (P2tog tbl) 1 (0:1:1:0) times, P8 (P18:5:9:21), K1.

Cont on this last set of 18 (19:20:21:22) sts only for right front

Thank you xx

Mockle, in a word yes. What you are thinking is correct. Pattern manufactures do this to save on space, money, and so that they do not have to write out instructions for each size being described.
Since you are knitting a size small you should follow the number listed first in the parenthesis (ie. P18, P2tog 0 times, (P6, P2tog) 0 times…). Here is a tip, you might want to go through the pattern and highlight and or circle the numbers you will be doing throughout the pattern that way you do not become more confused as you go along and end up making a mistake. Since I do not know how many stitches you are working on I cannot say why so many stitches for one size and not the others; however, as Ingrid says “Trust the pattern” … (unless there is a glaring erratum).
This is a common technique used for multiple size patterns.
HTH and good luck.

Hello Katrina

Many thanks for your help, it makes sense now, I esp liked your idea of highlighting, in fact what I did was to photocopy the page and then I have just written it out:

Hopefully this is right, I will make a lifeline before starting with this!!

Actually it is not that complicated at all once I took the unnecessary instructions out (ie the ones for the other sizes):

So here it goes:
K1, P18 and slip these 19 sts onto a holder for left front
P33 and slip these 33 sts onto a holder for back
P18, K1, cont. on this last set of 19 sts for right front.

This makes now far more sense!!!

Thank you so much Katrina for your help on this, I nearly gave up this morning and frogged it all, I am so glad I didn’t now! :slight_smile:

Hopefully the instructions will be a little easier to follow now

Thank you

Nathalie xx

The instructions to work on more stitches in a section for a smaller size than a larger one is to make the pattern stitch come out right for different sets of numbers.

Ok, ok…I have passed several rows since this …but now have come across yet another a little hiccup. I think I know the answer to this but need to know if this is right.

[U][B]Problem 1:[/B][/U]
I am now doing the right front of the garment. I had to split it 3 (right front, back, and left front).

The line which I am on now says cont. straight until right front measures 35cm from cast on edge, ending with a RS row.

I really want to double check this, as I did not read it properly the fist time and think I have knitted a few too many rows.
I was measuring the 35cm from the ‘right front’ split…but am I right that this says that it should actually be from the original cast edge which I created to start the cardigan with??

[U][B]Problem 2:[/B][/U]

The following row is to shape the raglan. This is new to me.
the instructions read:
cast off 2sts at beg of next row (19sts). Dec 1 st at raglan armhole edge of next 1 row (18 sts)

My problem is
Since I stopped my previous row as a RS row…this row should be WS?
I a, not sure about the line ‘dec 1 st at raglan edge’…is this a new row entirely with a dec 1 where the arm will be?

Thank you for all your help on this.

You’re measuring from the cast-on edge, not where you split into sections.

The raglan edge would be where the sleeve goes. If you’re on a ws row, then work it there. Working on the right front, the raglan edge would be at the beginning of a wrong side row, so you’re on the right track.

Thank you Ingrid

That has reassured me that I was thinking right…I just now have to frog the few extra sts that I knitted,luckily only about 3-4.

Also thank you for explaining the raglan edge beginning.

It so reassuring to be able to check things like this here. Thank you