Moonlight Mohair Purse


I am ready to do the side panels. I have a rectangle that makes the front, bottom and back. I am perplexed by what to do next.

As far as I can tell, there is no “foundation chain” because I didn’t chain any to start the side.

Thank you for any suggestions!


I just decided to fake it! I’m not making it out of Moonlight Mohair, I’m using plain and a worsted weight yarn. I’ll let you know how it comes out.


I’d love to see what the instructions are for row two of the side panel. I have a few questions about the construction of the purse. Does the pattern ever mention that you are going to seam the side panel together up the sides of the body of the purse afterwards? If so, you may just be connecting yarn at what will be the base of the purse ( the base being and even amount of stitches when the whole rectangle is folded in half) and working a panel up ( a new small rectangle upwards that you seam together afterwards) on either side.
Each time I think of it I’m a little more confused. do you have a photo of what the finished piece is supposed to look like? I’m a very visual crocheter but I would love to help!