Moon Dance Shawl

I just got my moon dance shawl back today…I had entered it in the County fair along with my Pomatomus socks…I wasn’t planning on entering anything but my dh kept giving me gentle pushes…he called in back up though, mom came up and drug me to the fair board and wouldn’t let me say umm I don’t think so… glad I listened to them now :teehee:
Moon Dance Shawl
CO 8/25/07
BO 9/18/07
Size 4 Needle
Merino Lace Skacel in Black

Pomatomus Socks
CO May '07
BO June '07
Size 1 dpns
My own dyed KP yarn

The shawl is just Wow! Such intricate detail.


Congrats on the ribbons and the work is beautiful!

WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!! Good for you!!


CONGRATS on the ribbons!! Beautiful work!!

Wow, that is just lovely! I especially love the shade of blue you chose for the shawl. Very, very nice!

Wow! Just stunning! Love it! :slight_smile:

Oooh, I love that Moon Dance Shawl. I’ve had it bookmarked for a long time. Yours is very nice. Congratulations on your ribbons.

First Place… so very cool!!! We just went to the Tulsa State Fair last week, and I searched high and low to find the knitting, quilting etc. finally found it and saw some absolutely GORGEOUS knitting!!!

:woohoo:Beautiful knitting and blue ribbons, too. :yay: Way to go!

i didn’t know you could win ribbons for knitting!!! that is awesome! beautiful work!

What a beautiful shawl! And those socks! I love that pattern. Congratulations on your lovely work, and your blue ribbons too.

Your work is beautiful. Aren’t you glad that your husband loves you enough to push? Mine does that also on occasion.

Absolutely beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing!!

Absolutely lovely!

Thank you!! :hug:

MadDeb~ Yes, he is always in my corner…he is already planning for next year’s fair :teehee:…I’m not a very out going person and he is…I tend to be rather shy in person…he is always giving me little nudges to get out there… rather it’s entering the fair or signing up for knit classes just so I get out of the house and meet other knitters…

OMGoodness!!! I can see why you won! It’s fabulous!!! Congrats!

Lovely! That shawl is wonderful. I am glad you had it in the fair so lots of people got to see it.

Excellent knitting. Your blue ribbon is WELL-deserved, my friend! :thumbsup:

:hug: Thank you everyone!! :hug: