Monstrous, beautiful project: the story so far …


Just showing me mick childhood, there …

I finished The Thing, and it is completely useless.

It’s far too big, reaching halfway down my thighs, and pulling off the shoulders. Or perhaps I should say, [I]because [/I]it is pulling off the shoulders …

The wool is too heavy, possibly. Or possibly I didn’t need to make the largest version.

But in truth I suspect that this garment could/should only be created using the extremely (not to say prohibitively) expensive yarn described in its pattern. Alpaca and a bit of something else. Not wool.

It’ll be a major production getting this unpicked … :zombie:



I can honestly say I’ve been there, done that, but it doesn’t help you in the moment.

Learned a few things, though, no? And we got to know you–a major plus!:hug:


Mate! - because of’s forum (meaning, you all), I have been brought into the 21st century with knitting. Literally!
My knowledge of it was based on what knitting was in … oh, I’d say the 1970s; and now I’m in a position where my jaw won’t drop in disbelief when I read a pattern from today.
You can be proud, guys! :notworthy:
OK: off to the hospital again today for the second carving. My GP told me yesterday that for the surgeon to say she needs take out only an extra 1cm is very positive; and I need fear nix thereafter. Well, not until (if) another melanoma raises its horrid little head.
Goess what I started yesterday arvo …? - a MOEBIUS cowl.
Such a gorgeous pattern.
I’ll inform them wot wants to know more, later.
For now, this is your fan, M.R. - :waving:


I was thinking that about the small extra margin she wanted to take, but didn’t want to say so until your GP did. Melanomas tend to mean BIG margins. If she only wanted a centimeter, she knows she got it.

And bummer about the Giant Thing. The stitch pattern is so pretty it’s a pity you can’t just undo the shoulders and make it a blanket. Or can you?