Monstrous, beautiful project: the story so far …

Underarms won’t show, right? Maybe a 3-needle bind off would work here. When you said it was for the underarms I was already thinking of alternatives. I’ve tried KS in knits and purls and gave it up for the time being, it wasn’t worth the learning curve at the time.

Great minds think alike!:happydance:

Ingrid, when I saw you had the same suggestion (except the provisional cast on part was not in my world (of the monster) view, I basked in a moment of “Wow! I have learned good here!” Thanks!

OH! I missed that it was supposed to be kitchener stitch. I agree 3 needle bind off would work. Kitchener isn’t too hard if you want to learn it, but as the others said it wo t really show. After all, if someone is looking at your armpits then you have more problems than they way you knit them! :lol:


Good thing that being an Aussie she uses a [B]C[/B]ast [B]O[/B]ff and not a [B]B[/B]ind [B]O[/B]ff. No need to add [B]BO[/B] to the challenges. :teehee:

Oops, I meant kitchener isn’t too hard if you want to learn it. I need a keyboard for this thing. :wall:

All knitters need to get together on terms so it’s not so confusing!:lol:

Hello again team - your semi-absent Aussie mate here.
The Thing is now so huge it takes me longer to turn it around to start another row than it does to knit the bloody row.
Well, OK - slight exaggeration.
Many thanks for all the input re them underarms (GG, your comment re BO unworthy, she said haughtily <grin>).
Working on my new blogsite, as mentioned within this site somewhere or other.
In me sig. file: everyone is commanded to visit! :slight_smile:
Off to have the dressing removed from the wound caused by a melanoma surgeon’s carving a chunk outa me back: personally, I think she’s OTT in this regard - but hey, we Aussies need to have everything that might even faintly possibly be skin cancer looked at, right? Even we ancients, alas.
Hoo-roo, y’all, for the time being …

Website is looking good! I’ll have a good read this evening!

Being from southern CA we also have to watch our skin. That reminds me… Gotta get a referral for a dermatologist when I get back from trip.

Re: sweater…now you know why I love making hats and little things! :lol:

:thumbsup: :woot:

OTY at this stage, GG: having finished the short rows with both sets of shoulders, I now have two 100cm circ. needles filled with sts, and nowhere to go. I suppose you’re going to tell me to put 'em on yarn, right?
Am going to take a photo of this extraordinary … THING, so that you can all see why it’s taking forever to get done (even were it not for the fact that I have to ask for help every step of the way) …

I wonder if you can even begin to make out what you’re looking at …
or if I can describe it …
Basically, it’s a garment split in two halves, side to side: I work on r>l front and then r>l back, if that helps at all. :frowning:
What you see on the purple circ. is one of those two - doesn’t matter which - and what you can see still on ‘open’ needle is the other half.
The white and the dark green wool are, of course, the PCOs.
Having done as advised and knitted the short rows without taking 'em off the needle, I’m now absolutely stuffed, as I’m kind of lost in the middle of what these BLOODY designers intended to be my having ended up with 60-odd sts ready for the collar.

That’s lovely. I’m sure you will sort it all out and get it done. I hope that leaving the short rows on wasn’t a bad idea. Do you have any extra cables that if you need to move them (yes, that sounds like a nightmare!) you could put them on?

When you finally get it done, you’ll have such a sense of accomplishment. It might even come close to what your book has done for you.

Just curious, but the purple cable makes me wonder, what needles are you using? Purple makes me think Knit Picks Options.

Have Had A Thought! (happens sometimes …)
I shall put all the short row stitches onto holders or yarn, depending on the size of the holders I have. It’s going to mean a whole shitload of swapping sts to and fro in order to do that, inasmuch as I currently have the whole lot/s (meaning each of the two halves) one on circ. ea.
That’ll leave me with the two lots of 60-odd sts on each circ., and I oughta be able to follow the pattern from there.
GG, my circ.s are interchangeables, a brand called KnitPro. Like most things, we pay far too much for them. :neutral:
I observe that this is indeed the same product, O grumpiest of women: looks like, for reasons I never comprehend, the branding is changed for another country. Mebbe just to make it easier for the mother co. to keep track of sales? [I]Chissà?![/I]

Knit Pro…Knit Picks…only the name is changed. At least you have good needles. Yes, they are $pendy. I do like mine. What you need is cables to hold the stitches, then when the time comes to work with them, just add the tips and away you go.

Agreed: that’s exactly what I’ve done with the ‘purple’ half. Just don’t have any more to play around with. Will fix that, come Monday.
Now obvious that not only did I have very little idea of how to bloody KNIT, but I also had no idea of the kind of infrastructure that’s needed to enable comfortable and stress-free knitting.
No matter: we live and learn - even at my age.

You’ll have to do it again, you know. Next time have longer cables. ducking to avoid being hit by something hurled from Australia

Bloody lucky for you I’m absolutely hopeless at throwing, you old stirrer!
Now I’ve taken the shoulder short rows off onto yarn, you can almost see what the monstrous thing’s gonna look like … well, once I’ve managed to get the ‘hems’ flat. Sighh … And that’s not even touching on my doing the kitchener or 3-needle thinggy and putting the damned collar on.
Struth! - why did I ever begin this?

Managed to lose me pic.s.
Here they are …

Ohhh… It makes much more sense looking at it now. I was confused before. Now it looks like a sweater! So what are you having trouble with at this point? It looks like you should just be knitting the sleeves now.

That is impressive. When it’s done you’ll love it. I wish I could really wrap my head around how it’s constructed.