Monstrous, beautiful project: the story so far …


'Morning, all! :slight_smile:
Where would I be without all this useful stuff? - I shall avoid lobster sheddings henceforth!
But Becky Morgan, shame on you!: you have not scoured the entire forum for all the pearls that have dropped from my lips! Had you thus spent (more than a little of) your time, you would note that I am an unashamed southern hemisphere poisson - ah, a link-back to lobsters! :wink:
Oh. Sorry. Note to self: ensure brain is engaged in morning before posting, or you will miss irony. Sighh …
Lui Stringer is also of southern persuasion (far more southern than those you lot have). He is upside down because he prefers that inclination: even when lying on the floor he does so on his back. he is not … [I]normal[/I]. Much like his mama.
Jan, why did you not give yourself the joy of another of the beautiful Marshmallow ilk? - dunno how anyone can live without cats.
GG, I used an ockerism - sorry. When we say ‘kosher’ we’re not referring to anything prepared according to Judaic requirement, but simply to something’s being [I]right[/I]. Sound. Verifiable. You know?


She was nearly 19 yrs old when she passed and the time wasn’t right to acquire a new pet. I also had a little dog (my avatar) that was not old, but had a heart condition and she passed this last summer. I couldn’t handle any more for a time, but we will soon have pets again. In a few weeks we will be taking a trip driving cross country so pets not quite yet, but soon. :thumbsup: And thanks to smart phones and iPad I will be with you all all the way.:roflhard:


GG, I used an ockerism - sorry. When we say ‘kosher’ we’re not referring to anything prepared according to Judaic requirement, but simply to something’s being right. Sound. Verifiable. You know?

I knew what you meant! I was being deliberately dense as opposed to my normal mode, density without benefit of deliberation.

Jan, so glad you get your trip but we don’t lose you while you’re gone!


Mebbe you should use some kind of type signal when being - what was it? - dense with deliberation? … no: deliberately dense. For it does begin to look as though my brain is trying to tell me something: “M.R., for heaven’s sake!”, it is saying - "pull your mental finger out, willya? OBSERVE. NOTE. Some of them ladies is being subtly witty."
How about an arrow pointing right at the beginning and another pointing left when you’re done?
Nono! - I mock you not: I merely mock myself.


I knew where you were. I just suspected your cat was from the northern hemisphere and automatically oriented himself that way (we always told Fred he must be Australian;)…he was the size of a lot of the Australian ferals.)


Ah, MR, you see my deliberate density doesn’t realize that the natural nondeliberating density is also in play. After long and careful consideration I finally realized I’m incapable of thought; therefore I stumble along confusing myself and others. Another cuppa java is called for here. I have a wake up call scheduled for June, maybe it will come through this year.

I keep thinking about the lovely color you’re using for your life’s work knitting project (sometimes they seem to take a lifetime to complete!) and wanting some for myself. Alas, my yarn budget is already overextended and I must knit from stash. I do have a birthday coming up…surely I should surprise myself with a present.


Great idea! My birthday is in December and last year I surprised myself with a Kindle Paperwhite because I didn’t need much yarn either. Then my LYS was closing and stuff was marked way, way down. How on earth am I supposed to resist 50-75% off!? :teehee: I am still knitting charity hats from stash though for the most part. :wink:


[You guys make me p*ss meself laughing! :slight_smile: Glad the ‘denim’ has made an impression.]

I have reached The Point Where I skive off half of the stitches and start working on specific bits.
I’m feeling a bit anxious, at this point - this being the first time I’ve attempted a garment of this kind. Prior to now, the only complete garments I knitted were all for my husband; and he liked things made with fine wool - as per the cardy shown here, and I’m sorry about the specks on the photo but I’d have to turn on the other PC and open up Corel PhotoPaint to get rid of 'em so you’ll just have to grin and bear it - so they took forever. This one, enormous and all as it is, is taking a whole lot less time, thus getting to the point of being anxious much sooner. :expressionless:
I shall post another pic. of what it’s looking like once I’ve put all those stitches on a holder. Or maybe I’ll just put 'em on another circular needle: can’t seem to find any big holders …


It now looks as if it’s going to be big enough to fit a goddam hippopotamus.
That huge, I ain’t.
Off to fire up the Gaggia Classic and make myself something to restore my rapidly dwindling confidence …


See what I mean …?


That’s beautiful! OMG do you do gorgeous work or what??? —>>>It even comes with remote controls! Did you knit them too?<<<— It doesn’t look that big to me but then I am as big as a hippo. It’s supposed to be big and loose isn’t it? Is this the popover you posted about before? I think you meant you knitted the cardi in the photo, which by BTW is also beautifully done.

I had to Google —>>>Gaggame<<<— Classic, I thought you had a still going and it’s an espresso machine! I guess you could give it some spirit. Irish coffee? LOL You might think I drink a lot when in fact I rarely consume alcohol.

[You guys make me p*ss meself laughing! :slight_smile:

—>>>I too am easily amused.<<<—

nb attempted humor denoted by —>>> <<<—.


Was completely caught out by provisional casting on. Had zero idea of the fact that it is actually - something! Wondered about the adjective associated with the activity but allowed it to pass. As Someone has said, that’ll larn me! :teehee:
So there’s yet another thing I had to find out about during this project.


Oh, GG … I’ve come to the conclusion that you sit there cudgelling your brain to come up with stuff to make me laugh! And I sure did, at the mental image of knitting remote controls - wunnerful thought! :slight_smile:
Yes, I made that cardy for Chic: he loved it, and wore it as much as the Melbourne weather - for that’s where we were living at the time - allowed (which was quite a lot, Melbourne being what it is). In fact, he would’ve worn it for years had not one of our moggies found it folded on a shelf and decided that it tasted nice … the little bastard chewed it full of holes. Only time Chic was in danger of striking a small animal.
The Gaggia Classic is worth a great deal more to me than a still: and I think I’m about as addicted to coffee as any lush is to alcohol, alas! My erstwhile 5-week purchase of a kilo of beans from a local supplier is currently at 4 weeks, and falling.




Per Google, moggie means cat.


Heh heh !!!
Had no idea it was a word unknown to Yanks. I s’pose it’s British; for I do remember a wonderful phrase - “mad moonlight moggy” - and that sounds very British, to me.


OH! Moggie would be a cute name for a kitty! Thanks, GG!


The Garment has become enormous-er and almost unmanageable.
Half of it is strung off on another 100cm circular needle, and this dangling half keeps getting in the way. Wouldn’t be any different if it were, as it’s meant to be, on stitch holder[U]s[/U] (no way you could buy one long enough for it): it’s just – there, hanging around and being heavy.
Sighh …
I’ll take a pic., once Lui gets off the green table and I’ve cleared it of fur …


If the needles are bothering you enough to bother with it, you could put all those stitches onto waste yarn and then put them back on the needles when you’re ready to work them. Thread the yarn into a yarn, tapestry, darning needle and slip them one at a time onto the needle and over to the yarn. If you do it this way, make sure you use a long enough piece that you have about 30 cm/12 in hanging off each end.


Goldarn it, what a great idea, GG!
Looks like you really can come up with the goods, in between being grumpy, eh?
Terrific - obrigado!