Monster Magic Loops - Legs to Body


I am new to knitting after buying Rebecca Dangers big book of knitting monsters. I have made the legs to my first monster and transferred them to the circular needle as instructed, however I am now completely clueless on how to incorporate the magic loop.

The book states that the beginning of the round is in the middle of the 2nd leg, but I am very confused as to how to start the magic loop technique :??

Could someone please help me, I’m finding it very frustrating :wall:

Picture diagrams would be most appreciated, to be honest… any help would be appreciated!!! :pout:

I can post a picture of how my 2 legs look on my needles if anyone needs it?

Don’t worry about where the loops are, just start knitting the pieces together where you need to, then adjust the loops later.

That is what is confusing me, I don’t understand how to go about it in order to transfer the stitches from one needle across to the other. Since I put the second leg onto the needles, any remaining yarn is on the inside of the legs, so I can’t knit and slip it over to the other needle, unless I’m just looking at it all wrong :frowning:

Start wherever the yarn is, knit across half the sts of the one leg, then loop it and keep going. It won’t matter if a few sts have another ‘row’ on them.

So I just cross the yarn over from the middle to the edge of the opposite needle and stitch as normal? i.e. There is a strand of yarn going from the middle across to a side? I mean I guess it will be hidden away on the inside anyway!

For a basic how-to on magic loop, take a look at this video:

I think I understand the magic loop in general, it’s just having 2 legs with my working yarn in the middle that is really throwing me off!

Slip the sts to the right needle then, and start your ML where the working yarn is. A picture would help, I think.

Yes, slipping the sts to the right needle sounds like the thing to do Slip until you get to the working yarn.